Retired from the United States Air Force in 1997 after a bit more than 20 years.  I am a social and political conservative who is quite disappointed in the Bush administration’s utter lack of seriousness on the topic of border security — their eagerness to be liked by people who will never like them is not a charming trait.  Transplanted Yankee living in the Deep South of beautiful Alabama.

If I’m picking teams I’m going with Penn State, then Auburn, and finally Alabama.  So in order of importance let’s hear:

We are Penn State!

War Eagle!

Roll Tide!

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs are copyright 2007 by the blog author.

God bless America.



  1. Hey thanks for blogrolling me. My old blog was OneHorsePhoto; the new one is “Out West”.

  2. Kevlarchick clued me in. I think I asked where you had gone on Innocent Bystanders and KC had the answer. Love those photographs of Colorado and the West.

  3. Yeah they hate me over there.

  4. Why? Did you beat Dave in Texas in the forearm competition? 😛

  5. 🙂

  6. Hey Cranky,

    Thank you for your service to our great Country and…….

    God bless your endeavors!

  7. It really was a privilege to serve in our Armed Forces. I miss wearing the uniform and I miss the people I served with. I don’t miss the MREs, except the pork patties. I really liked the pork patties. Squirt the bag of apple sauce into the bag with the pork and you had a meal fit for…

  8. A radical muslim???????????

  9. Muslims don’t like apples? Who knew?

  10. Cranky- I wonder if you would edit your blogroll and change ‘One Horse’ to “Out West”. Thanks- you’re a great guy and King Of Everything.

  11. Done.

    King of Everything? Does this mean I don’t have to pay taxes anymore? ‘Cause that would be cool.

  12. Nah- just messin wiff yo haid. Thanks for changing my name on the ‘roll.

  13. Cranky were you enlisted or officer?
    I have a friend that retired E9 in 07

  14. V, I was enlisted. First went in at the end of July 1973, got out in 1977 and went back in March 1981. Retired as an E7 in 1997. Still miss it.

  15. Hey jerky,

    How about posting a fun pic or two?

    Get your lazy ass out of the house and take some photographs of your hometown or something.

    Or make an apple pie and take a picture of that and then mail it to me.

  16. I thought about making some apple pie this weekend but old injuries and illness kind of kept me off my feet and in bed for two days. Nice three day weekend.

    It’s freaking hot in Montgomery. We do as little as possible with temps in the mid 90s and it hasn’t really gotten hot yet. Ask me to do something in October.

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