Posted by: cranky | September 11, 2008

September 11, 2008

US Flag

US Flag



  1. ‘sup fagz

  2. ‘sup fagz. Got me dammit.

  3. Hahahahaha. I hadn’t brought the bomb in a while.


    How’s Sarah getting along with her new family?

    Has she chewed up anything?

  4. Has she chewed up anything?

    One each: sandal, dress shoe, high backed chair, shoe lace, shoe insert, and stuff I haven’t found yet.



    Well she obviously loves her new home.

    Good job, crank.

  6. Hey how’s the ham radio thing going?

  7. I haven’t done much of anything with the HAM radio yet. Kind of temporarily lost my enthusiasm since Samantha passed away.

    My enthusiasm will return.

  8. I was in Israel on Sept 11th. I had an interesting conversation with a couple of Israelis about Sept 11th. Their observations were illuminating. They said we view 9/11 like a religious holiday. And, that we tend to over inflate it since we don’t have to live with those kind of actions everyday. They (Israelis) having to live with terrorism every single day tend to have a view that they wont let terrorism alter their grounding. Like Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv – it was the scene of a suicide bomber back in 2003. Three people died and over 50 injured. The place was re-opened after 1 week. Yet look at the twin towers after 7 years.

  9. Correction I was in Israel on 9/11/08 🙂 not on 9/11/01

  10. Hi Robert. I have read your comments at The Hostages.

    I don’t know how to really feel about September 11th. I remember, of course, but something is missing. A hole where my heart used to be and something missing.

    How are you enjoying the Israeli sights?

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