Posted by: cranky | September 6, 2008


The newest addition to the Cranky family I named Sarah.  Go figure out why on your time.

I saw her Wednesday morning in a neighbor’s front yard, lying in the grass and observing the passing traffic.  Because I needed to get to work and on the road to Troy, I did not stop.  The guilt ate at me.

When I got home from work on Thursday afternoon I saw her again, running in the street.  I put my other dogs, Annie and Jessie, into the back yard and then walked down the street to where I had last seen her.

It took some time to coax her to me but eventually I was able to scoop her up in my arms and walk home.  She had no tag or collar.  On Friday morning I took her to the veterinarian and she received a clean bill of health.

Introducing Sarah.

My girls.

My girls.

My veterinarian thinks she is about six months old and probably a Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix.  She is sweet as the dickens and a brat in the sense that she pesters her older ‘sisters’.



  1. I have a Lab and a Golden, the are both the best, I imagine a mix of the 2 would be awesome. I took my 2 to the dog park today, they are wore out!

  2. I think the combo is the best too. But I don’t figure Annie for a second rate dog — she’s the best too. Jessie is Golden/Yellow Lab, Annie is all Golden, and Sarah is Golden/Black Lab.

    Love my girls.

  3. She is really cute Cranky. At least she is from the back. Why no face? It took us awhile but bmac and I think we have it figured out. We think you may be a dognapper.

  4. Getting a six-month-or-so-old to sit still for a picture is an exercise in futility. My vets think there’s something about me that attracts stray dogs. Two out of three dogs agree, and the third (Jessie) leans that way.


  5. I am just nervous about Saraj because I am worried that means we are going to get another dog. Your dog dies, you end up adding two more. Our dog dies, we add 2. Your other dog dies, and you find another. Our dog dies, and here is where I start to get scared. See my dilema or did I miss the memo that we have increased the par of our inventory of dogs from 2 up to 3?

  6. You should always be prepared.

  7. YAY!!!!!!!! New kid for crankly!!!

    Good job buddy. I think you’re a three-dog man so I’m glad you now have a full house.

    Excellent job naming her too.

  8. Rosetta, it was a no-brainer. And if anyone is qualified for no-brainer naming it is me.

    Hey! What did I just say?

  9. She looks just like a smaller version of one of my pups, Boo!

  10. Only weighs 17+ pounds and about six months old. Cute as all get out but dark as the ace of spades.

  11. She’s really cute and I love her name. 😉

  12. cute from behind, bet she’s just as cute from the front. lol

  13. aprilwine, 😛

    She’s a real terror, that one.

    Sorry for your loss. I hope looking at Sarah’s picture eased your grief.

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