Posted by: cranky | August 24, 2008

CH-53 Helicopter in Afghanistan

A CH-53 flew over my house about an hour ago headed to the southeast. Bunch of Blackhawks flying to the southeast as well. Helicopter crews are a different breed. I’ve been on a flight where they unsuccessfully attempted to make me get air sick. Thought I was going to fall out of that motherfucker though. I’ll call it even.

Good music.



  1. Interesting. Those are the Germans. Course, you’re Air Force guys fly them the same way. They just do it at night.

  2. I’m stealing that vid, by the way.

  3. What does the 160th SOAR fly? I didn’t realize those were Germans although I might have gotten a clue from the comments on YouTube that were in German.

    I remember seeing two of the hulls of these birds being barged down the Rhine once. No blades, just shrinkwrapped hulls. Interesting I thought.

  4. […] So I cruised over to Cranky’s place, and what do I find? Some fling-winged goodness. Cranky saw a CH-53 go by and it inspired him to […]

  5. Crank, the 160th SOAR operates MH-60s, MH-47Es, and the MH-6J and AH-6J (the Little Birds).

    The Marines operate CH-53D’s, which are a vanilla version of the Pave Low. They also operate CH-53E’s which are a larger, three engined version. The Navy operates the MH-53E which is modified for minesweeping at sea, but which the did deploy in support of the Army in Iraq.

    The Air Force, in addition to the MH-53M, flies a couple of different versions of the H-60 in the CSAR and Special Ops roles. They are just starting up operations with the CV-22 tiltrotor as well.

    We’ll get into the fixed wing spec ops community later.

  6. I saw that video at your place with the Osprey going down. I don’t like that hybrid aircraft at all.

  7. Osprey’s have a better safety record than CH-53s or CH-46s, they birds they are replacing.

    My big hearburn with them is that they cost 44 MILLION each.

  8. Can the Osprey autorotate? I haven’t looked that up so I don’t know but most helicopters can autorotate. Do I have that part right?

  9. Cranky, a quick google search says no to autorotation in the traditional sense. It is far more survivable in a crash landing. The choice is to save the people and write off the airframe.

    Then again, the Pave Lows have had some hard landings that resulted in the loss of aircraft as well. I remember a few years ago, some private pilot crashed and the Jollys from Cannon picked him up. The Jolly then lost power and crashed. They picked him up with another chopper. A Crashawk, I think.

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