Posted by: cranky | August 20, 2008


I’ve always wondered what the wild dickhead looked like.  This specimen was photographed at the YMCA pool in My Wife Not My Sister, Arkansas.

The Wild Dickhead

The Wild Dickhead

Thanks to Lesa.



  1. Man, that is absolutely obscene! The guy should be arrested for public indecency.

  2. And he shaved it too!

  3. if only he had a hairy back

  4. At least we know he’s Jewish.

  5. All I can say is WOW!

  6. blogoffanddie, hahahaha!

  7. ditto what PattyAnn said.

  8. Whats the matter Sohos? Aren’t yours bigger?

  9. What are you doing this weekend, cranky?

  10. As the pool–and the circumcision– clearly indicate, this is obviously one of several domesticated species.
    Not a wild dickhead at all.

  11. LMAO at what cbullit wrote. 😛

    Rosetta, I am probably going to do my best to avoid the downpour we’re expecting and hope my air conditioner has permanently returned to working order — ’cause it has been hot and humid here in Upper LA and I’ve gotten used to a/c.

    I also have to clean up my office at home and make it as dust free as possible. I’ve gotten a job to scan approximately 1,000 35mm negatives.

  12. Upper LA?? Are you in Louisianna or did you mean upper AL?

    Has it been unseasonably cool there this summer? In St. Louis we usually have 30 days at or near 100 and another 30 days in the 90s.

    But this year has kicked ass. Almost all 80s with only a week or two in the 90s.


    Are the 35mm negatives some sort of sicko porn?

  13. I’m in Upper Lower Alabama. Mostly in the 90s with a few days at or slightly above 100. Humidity to match.

    35mm is what we had before we had digital. The format actually pre-date computers. Imagine that. But there was some grade A porn preserved on 35mm. Sadly, I don’t have any of it.

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