Posted by: cranky | August 16, 2008

Mi Sook Yoo

Drive through Ace’s place and see that some not so young women at the Tokyo Sauna in Colorado had been arrested for pimping and whoring and one of their john’s had been arrested for poking.

Q: What’s your name?

A: Mi Sook Yoo.

Q: All in good time miss. But first, what’s your name?

A; Mi Sook Yoo long time.

Q; Well, okay, if you insist.

The link goes to The Smoking Gun, the same place where Rosetta gets his header (no pun intended) photographs for The Hostages. Now, The Smoking Gun features some mug shots and I thought I would share because I just love you all so much. Okay, that last part was pure bullshit but I do tolerate you for reasons that remain unknown.

The 60s called and told this hippie to just go ahead and keep it. Really. Just keep it.

Do I smell bad?

Do I smell bad?

Rare photo of Obama in his Chicago organizing days:

Barack "Buckwheat" Obama, Chicago Community Organizer

Barack "Buckwheat" Obama, Community Organizer

Something about her eyes. Cranky’s next ex-wife:

*I pure hate you*

*I pure hate you*

She is hot but in a potentially psycho Lorena Bobbitt kind of way.



  1. Baldist!!!

  2. Buckwheatist~~!!

  3. Rosetta, while looking for sohos in lingerie photos I ran across this link that should be of interest to you if you don’t already have it bookmarked.

  4. Buckwheatist~~!!


    That website was a good find. It prominently features Chloe Vevrier who’s friggin’ hot on fire.

    However it also features this fucking trainwreck:

    That grotesque abomination is a crime against nature.


  5. If you feel like being a punk, go to this thread and leave a comment as some kitchen tool.


  6. Maxi Mounds sounds like a feminine hygiene product. Is she her own HAZMAT site?

  7. So who goes with a 48 year old hooker anyway. And the other one is 54. Uggghhh.

  8. Hey! They’re young to me. Relatively speaking.

  9. Maxi Mounds’ hideous monstrosities must be inflated with air or helium or something.

    Any liquid would be too heavy.

    I bet if you jabbed a pin in her boob it would pop like a balloon.


  10. My money is on a valve on the back of her head.

  11. Her parents must be so proud.

  12. Dude…

  13. Alright, where’s the brain bleach. I’m sorry to say this about a fellow human being but she is just disgusting.

  14. Hahahahaha. I agree.

    I cannot even imagine what sort of drug cocktail I would have to be on to want to hit that but it would involve a large dose of ketamine with a meth chaser.

    And her ass? With the tattoo??

    *violent barf*

    She wouldn’t be less attractive if she had a dick.

    And I’ll just go ahead and go out on a limb here and guess that she might be a slut.

  15. It would actually be a funny joke thread to guess what sex acts she hasn’t done.

    meanage a trois with a gorilla and a llama?

    What? She’s done that? DAMMIT!!!

  16. Just for you Rosetta. And I suspect she may have a dick…

  17. She’s done another three-way with a sea lion and Nemo.

  18. “Beautifully busty, now slightly chubby”

    Hahahaha. That’s PERFECT!!!

    And I have seen photographic proof that she doesn’t have a dick, you moroon!

  19. And I have seen photographic proof that she doesn’t have a dick, you moroon!

    Sure, NOW….

  20. I will NOT stand idly by while you impune the gender integrity of my beautiful girlfriend, Kerry Marie.

    Does she skip the additional cheeseburger? No.

    Is she a 100%-pure voluptuous woman? YES!!!

    Good day, sir!

    I said GOOD DAY, SIR!!!!!

  21. Movies Kerry Marie has starred in:

    Two Mules for Sister Sara


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