Posted by: cranky | August 14, 2008

Are Jessica Simpson’s Bigger?

For some reason there are a lot of hits coming this way related to an old Jessica Simpson post.

I’m pretty sure that Sohos will say that her’s are bigger (only the Count theoretically knows for sure but I’ll take her word for it until she finally comes through and offers better photographic proof).

The evidence related to Jessica Simpson:





Oh, Dear Lord!

Oh, Dear Lord!

This may not be Heaven but I think I can see it from here.

This may not be Heaven but I think I can see it from here.

We await Miss Sohos‘ rebuttal. Meanwhile, I’ll be doing what Ernie does to keep fit.

*Did I say that out loud?*



  1. I would hit that like Sadaharu Oh.

  2. Would you be displaying your Oh! face?

    Ha ha. Sometimes these comments just write themselves.

  3. I’d hit it like Laurence Taylor.

  4. MCPO, who’s Laurence Taylor?


    Hit it like Brian Dawkins.

  5. hello!!!!! Mine ARE bigger!!!!!!

  6. Cranky I am thinking of having some pictures done soon and I will send you some once I get them….

  7. Oh, there is a God in Heaven! Where do I mail the check, Sohos?

  8. Laurence Taylor

    Laurence?? Isn’t that the way the FRENCH spell Lawrence? MCPO IS A FRENCH SPY!!!!

    hello!!!!! Mine ARE bigger!!!!!!

    *files copyright infringement suit against cranky*

  9. Rosetta, I am merely the wall where the “Mine are bigger” graffitti was sprayed, not the writer. It is good to be wet.

    Sohos, let me know when you need my email to send the pictures. I eagerly await the art you will send my way. Why, just thinking about it puts me in an Ernest B. kind of mood.

  10. What are you doing tonight, cranky?

    If you don’t have plans, you can always go to the supermarket and spend an hour or two feeling up melons.

    That’s a good way to pick up chicks.

    Feeling up cucumbers doesn’t work as well.

  11. What are your tips for determining ripeness?

  12. I squeeze. I’ve found that thumping them brings about a nasty reaction.

  13. Squeezing sound good. Sohos, your thoughts?

    I’ve heard Jessica is switching over to country music. I’m a big country music fan and can authoritatively state that country music has the best looking honeys on any stage, any where. And with the addition of Jessica, country’s reputation for fine women has only risen.

  14. No way she’s hotter than Lil Kim!!11!

  15. I call your Lil Kim and raise you two boobs and a belly button.

  16. I am excited for Jessica Simpson with her boyfriend. They look such a nice couple. You can tell by their eyes that they are very much in love with each other

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