Posted by: cranky | August 13, 2008

Sohos Nude Photograph?

While vacationing from my regular assignment of staking out hotels John Edwards might visit I happened to pass through Texas, look through some mini-blinds and capture this goddess.  Rumor has it this lovely lady is the lovely “Mine Are Bigger” sohos.

sohos, is that you?

sohos, is that you?

Only her intended knows for sure.



  1. I’m going to need a bigger bunk…

  2. “I’m going to need a bigger bunk…”


    Sohos is gorgeous. And kind. And sweet. And funny. And we all love her.

  3. hey again!!!! How do you keep getting these pictures of me!!!!

  4. I so love you PattyAnn!!!!!

  5. Those remote controlled blinds you have that I’ve been able to hack the signal to end up really making my job hobby easier.

  6. I’m going to need a bigger bunk…

    Why? You inviting a tribe of pygmies in with you?

  7. At least sohos has human hands.

    This blog sucks so bad, it would be an improvement if you would post some Bob Saget bullshit.

    Plus BiW would like that as he and Bob used to be lovers.

    You’ve been cracking me up lately, cranky.

    *waits for cranky’s lawn to grow back so I can torch that fucker again*

  8. Two days of rain here Rosetta. Nothing will burn. Screw you with Saget’s tiny dick.

  9. Hahaha.

    Normally you’re as funny as a dead puppy covered in turds in a punch bowl at a church funeral.

    What’s happened to you?

    Are you working on your funny for you ham radio broadcast?

    Hey, when you start broadcasting, can I call in?

    That would be the best show ever in the history of something.

  10. There ain’t no broadcasting to be going on. But go ahead and call 1-800-BITEMEE

  11. COME ON!!! Is it even possible to have a ham radio call in show?

    I’ll call in and berate you for killing the earth and being a bitter clinger and stuff.

    That would be fun!

    It would also be fun to call in and you say “Rosetta on line 2. Go ahead, Rosetta”.

    And I say, “7 7 5 9 11 11 zulu zulu 7”.

  12. Ham radio is from ham to ham. You have a receiver you can listen in but a ham cannot transmit ‘shows’ to the public.

    I just downloaded the live version of The Rooster from Alice in Chains. Awesome.

    Next up is Out of My Way by Seether.


  13. That’s bullshit.

    Ham radio sandwich is from ham to ham swiss cheese.

    You’re welcome.

  14. Maybe we’ll just activate the jammers we have prepositioned in your neighborhood if you’re going to get all testiculary here abouts.

  15. *activates anti-jammer jammer*

  16. SHIT!

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