Posted by: cranky | August 10, 2008


So I click on the Google News button on my toolbar and come up with two gems.

First, Rielle Hunter will not agree to a paternity test to determine who, and who not, is the father of her daughter. Not good for John Edwards who is a prissy lying sack of shit and a despicable human being who cheated, and lied about cheating, on his wife who has cancer. Classy guy that John Edwards. And he lied to the Main Stream Media while decrying tabloid journalism. Hey MSM! People want to know: are you all swallowers or spitters?

But it is the paternity of Hunter’s child that is the most combustible element of the controversy engulfing Edwards, who admitted having an affair with Hunter when she worked briefly for one of his political committees in 2006.

So if Rielle Hunter is receiving money from some benefactor is it for child support, as payment for maintaining her silence, or is she just tabloid trailer park trash who is someone’s employee? If she is an employee, who is going to be sending her a W-2 next January?

Second thing, The New York Times thinks bin Laden’s driver has an impish sense of humor. They also believe it isn’t really bin Laden’s driver who is on trial as much as it is the system that is trying him.

The verdict in the first war crimes trial at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, is in: One poorly educated Yemeni, with an impish sense of humor and two little girls, is guilty of supporting terrorism by driving Osama bin Laden. With credit for time served, the sentence is no more than five months.

I’m glad they put me straight on that. I thought I was reading a news story rather than an entertainment review by Frank Rich. Here I thought the guy had been captured on the battlefield, not wearing a uniform, and not a member of a state that is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of enemy prisoners of war or other combatants, including illegal combatants. But he’s really just a comedian whose tour bus broke down near Tora Bora, Afghanistan.

One thing is a near certainty:  in the future there will be fewer and fewer illegal enemy combatants because the message being sent is that it will take years to deliver any justice, if any justice is to be delivered at all, and that therefore justice will be much more swift if delivered via 5.56 or 7.62 millimeter traveling at several thousand feet per second.


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