Posted by: cranky | August 2, 2008

Ain’t Found A Way To Kill Me Yet



  1. Very often, we would hotwire a car stereo or a walkman into the intercom of our Bradleys. My buddy was the gunner on the CO’s track. He screwed it up. Instead of playing over the intercom, he broadcast it over the command net. This song.

    Someone earned a new nickname- Rooster…

  2. Excellent!!!!

    I once earned a nickname after I triggered an ambush during an exercise. Something crawled over the back of my leg right as we were getting ready to light up the Marines. Hilarity ensued.

    Their battalion commander was pissed but we had already eliminated him. Yay for MILES gear.

    Rooster. I like it.

  3. Great song, cranky.

  4. There are some videos I’ve downloaded from folks serving in Iraq. Rooster finds its way into quite a few videos.

    I’m more of a country and bluegrass fan but this song rocks so I like it.

  5. I’m a big fan of old country but I never got into the newer stuff.

    Hank, Jr and Waylon Jennings were two of the best.

  6. Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn.

    Allison Kraus really does have a voice like an angel. Martina McBride has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen and a strong voice. And Shania Twain, well she might not be true country, does have country quality looks, belly button and … boobs. Her ex-husband is an asshole.

  7. Matt Damon!!

  8. Clue me in on the Matt Damon!! reference. Is that from Team America?

    Forgive me, I live a sheltered life.

    Phillies just turned a nice double play. They need to get some runs across the plate though.

  9. Just scored 4!!

    Yeah, it was the Team America thing. When I, culturally, don’t “get it”, it’s my stock response.

  10. Bottom of the 8th
    5 to 2 Phillies

  11. PA has banished me because I mentioned the score.

    Yay! Phils!

  12. Jeez, what happened?!?!

  13. RACIST!!!!

  14. Maybe PattyAnn is a Cardinals fan. But then she unbanned me. If she weren’t married, she’d want me.

  15. Rosetta is a racist!!!1!!!11!

  16. LIAR!!!!abc!!!!!

  17. Pants on fire!1!!!!xyz

  18. 4

  19. […] Posted the video down below. One line really grabbed me:  They spit on me in my home land.  Christmas time of 1973 some woman […]

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