Posted by: cranky | July 29, 2008

Obama Says Read a Book

Not Safe for Work. Offensive language. You’ve been warned. Funny as fuck.



  1. Where did you find that?

    That’s the best muh’fuckin’ song I’ve ever heard.



  2. youtube = Read a Book. The first one I posted they took down/removed almost immediately. Supposedly put out by BET Animation.

    Buy some land!

    Ha fucking ha!

  3. I loved it. Fucking hilarious. I may steal that for the BBF song this week.

    If I do I will pay you a finder’s fee of not setting your lawn on fire for one week.

  4. Deal.

    Brush your teeth! Hahahahaha!!!

  5. Since you’re a muh’fuckin’ rap fan…

  6. Use some deodorant.

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