Posted by: cranky | July 29, 2008

Bikini Bellybutton

Cute bellybutton. I’m just doing the job McGoo won’t do.



  1. So, who is she? Or is she just another pretty face (and smokin’ body)?

  2. I wish I could say that she is a future ex-wife but I have no idea who she is and I don’t remember from where I borrowed the picture.

  3. That thong looks itchy. Tell her to take it off, Cranky.

  4. She’s a little light upstairs but I would still do this:

  5. You would sound a gong?

    I’d rather bang her like a drum all day.

  6. Here’s how you bang:

  7. They should take his cymbals away from him just on general principle.

  8. David, take off the thong or take off something else? I’ll do anything necessary to make the lady more comfortable.

  9. She’s a little light upstairs but I would still do this:

    wow, I’m impressed that rosetta is thinking about her brains and not anything else, that’s awesome!

  10. PJ, I think you forgot to close your sarcasm tag.

    JACKING MY OWN THREAD: A couple of days ago, the daughter of my boss was looking at the photo album on my iPod. Months ago I had taken a photo of a Democrat then presidential candidate and made her eyes really red with Photoshop. Well, when N. saw the photo on the iPod she gasped in horror. That picture would be right up David’s alley. I think I posted it once before. I’ll have to drag it out of retirement and put it up there during the Dem’s knife fight in Denver.

  11. cranky, have you looked at your sister’s face?

  12. Face?

  13. Wow, PJ. Tough crowd here. I really do think she is pretty. Although I could do without the belly bling bling.

  14. I don’t get the belly bling either.

    A good looking belly button can’t be improved upon with metal and jewels.

    An ugly belly button should be covered with a permanent steel plate that is screwed to the offender’s spine to prevent removal.

  15. She has a face?

  16. Supposedly there is a face involved Brad, but my eyes didn’t automatically go there. I was initially drawn to something red. And then something slightly blonde and then something that looked like it might be lodged in her butt.

    Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the thing stuck in her butt and imagining ways to remove this impediment. I’ve thought long and hard but I have not yet come up with a solution.

  17. What what, in the butt.

  18. If she was singing this song, instead of Samwell, I wouldn’t be creeped out.

  19. yeah, I’d kinda crack up too

  20. Of course, I would render any assistance that she might require or wish for. Who is this woman who dominates my dreams?

  21. I liked this one better than the blond below.


  22. oops looks kind of like my first wife

  23. dude is this a porn blog now?

  24. I might have to pick up McGoo’s slack. He’s been moving for like a month now so no Daily Smut and I got a habit and now I’m scratching and shuffling.

  25. Is Barry really Obama?

    Doesn’t McGoo know that you don’t have to carry stuff by hand when you move?


  26. I think McGoo only has the two mules and one old horse to help carry shit. Maybe I should bookend Big Boob Fridays with Mini Mondays? You know, fair and balanced. Or perhaps Tiny Tuesdays.

  27. That’s a good idea. You could also do:

    MILF Mondays
    Two Girl Tuesdays
    Wee Woman Wednesdays
    Thai Hooker Thursdays

    I do not recommend Tranny Tuesdays

  28. Well if we can’t do Tranny Tuesdays that will mean my profile on Pajama Momma will never see the light of day.

  29. Your profile on pajama momma?

    What in the blazes are you talking about man?

  30. That’s a journalism term you #$@%$. A backgrounder, a short biography. Geez! How much have you had to drink this morning?

    This is what happens when you stare at Kerry Marie for hours and hours. Your brain melts.

  31. How about spending some of your spare time finding me some links to lingerie models of the 1980’s. Specifically, Victoria’s Secret models who appeared in their catalog and calendar during the mid-80s. Blond, high cheekbones. Spectacular ass. Not John Cougar Mellencamp’s wife — although she’s hot. Not Suzanne Lanza either — who I think is the most perfect woman ever.

    And Jill Goodacre was a brunette then, not blond.

    Think of this as a Moron Action Alert.

  32. SHes really hot..whats her name?

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  38. To the guy above get your facts straight

  39. she’s hot; what’s her name?

  40. it’s amazing, waooww….

  41. nice, but better without …

  42. Who’s the girl? I’d like to see more pictures with her.

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