Posted by: cranky | July 26, 2008

The State as Mommy

The Decline and Fall of the British Empire.  Crap on a cracker, have all their brains turned to moldy mush?

On Fox News’ web site a report that a judge trying a case of a teenager who attacked someone with a knife took out his personal pocket knife to demonstrate that it took two hands to open the blade.  Something the teenager claimed he could do with one hand.

Out come the burning torches and demands for the judge’s death (okay, I made up the demands for the judge’s death thing, or at least the demands haven’t risen to that level yet) as the peasants storm the battlements.

Oh, MAMA!  This woman does not overreact at all:

“He should lose his job. One teenager a week is being murdered on the streets of Britain and here he is brandishing a knife,” Lyn Costello, co-founder of the Mothers Against Murder and Aggression campaign group, said.

“Enough is enough – we need to get tough on knives in this country and our judges should be handing out tough sentences, not brandishing their own.”

[Emphasis mine]

England is going to hell in a handbasket.  First, they confiscated personal firearms.  Then they made it a crime to defend yourself from attack.  Soon they’ll outlaw forks.  But first there is a petition to outlaw carrying a knife so that anyone carrying a knife is automatically prosecuted.  Next up on the ban list:  paperclips and the rubber bands used to launch them.


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