Posted by: cranky | July 24, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama — Dumb Fuck

I am listening to He Whose Middle Name Must Not Be Used give a speech in Germany with commentary by Rush Limbaugh.

Barry just told the listeners he wasn’t giving the speech as a candidate for President (LIE) but as a citizen; a citizen of the United States (POTENTIAL LIE) and a world citizen (DOESN’T EXIST — show me a world citizen passport).  He sounds like he is using a teleprompter because the “uh’s”, the “errs”, the type of public speaking that would gather a failing grade at my university, were not present.

World citizen.

What a lying dumb fuck.  There really is no there there.

I understand he gave his speech at the spot for homos to meet in Berlin.  Memo to Barry:  the gays in Berlin can’t vote for you.  I suppose they don’t realize you’d be all in favor of pushing a wall over on them in accordance with your Muslim beliefs.



  1. So you’re still on the fence about Obama, huh Cranky?

  2. I’m voting Democrat because, well, I don’t know why, but that’s what all the cool people tell me to do and I’m independent that way.

    I haven’t seen the video but I understand he didn’t want to answer Couric’s question about helping Israel in the event of an attack by Iran. Yeah, all the Jews should vote for Obama.


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