Posted by: cranky | July 7, 2008

Golden Retriever Rescue

That whiny bitch Rosetta, an unapologetic Obama lemming, wanted me to post some fun pictures and go out in the Alabama summer heat and do stuff.  Screw that.

However, the lovely Mrs. bmac sent me an email with a link to a Golden Retriever Rescue YouTube video.  Mrs. bmac is the reason I have my 1/2 Golden Retriever 1/2 Yellow Labrador Jessie.  After I lost Nala to cancer last October Mrs. bmac, God bless her, started searching the internet for a dog for me.  She found a Golden Retriever at the Montgomery Humane Society.  By the time I contacted the Humane Society, which was within minutes of getting Mrs. bmac’s message, I found out that the male Golden had been adopted the day before.


Someone from the Humane Society said they had an approximately 18-months to 2-year old female Golden/Lab mix and would I like to come meet her.  They said how about noon tomorrow.  I was there at 11:45 am.  I already knew I would adopt Jessie before I even met her.  So this lady brings out this bundle of energy who jumps all over the place and jumps up putting her paws on my chest.  Her eyes were full of doggy laughter.  Love at first sight.  So Jessie came home with me and Samantha, my 12-year old Golden Retriever who is a ‘Rescue’ in that I got her away from people who weren’t taking care of her, let her run loose near a heavily travelled highway, and had run over her twice with their car.

Samantha might not have been thrilled with the idea of a younger sister but she put up Jessie.

In mid-January I had been home for lunch and was ready to head back to work.  I walked around the back of my truck and opened the door.  Suddenly, I was hit in the back and stumbled a bit forward.  I turned around and saw a mud covered ribs-sticking-out Golden Retriever with that Golden smile just laughing at me.  She jumped over the wall and into my neighbors yard and ran in a circle and then ran back and leaped up and over the retaining wall and back up next to me.  That’s quite a leap.

She ran around in my front yard for a minute and I yelled over to a guy doing some work at my neighbor’s home if this was his dog.  He said no, but that she’d been running around the area for a while.  She came back over to me and I was able to get hold of her collar (no tags).  I took her around to the back yard and put her inside and closed the gate.  I then went in the back door and got a bowl of water.  Jessie, who I was crate training at the time, started going nuts at the strange dog she saw in the back yard.

The new female Golden Retriever in the back yard was not impressed by Jessie’s protests.  She drank some water and I gave her a Milk Bone.  She looked like she hadn’t eaten in more than a week.  I still had to get back to work so I brought her into the house and hoped she would get along with Samantha and not destroy the house while I was gone.

After I left the house I phoned the Humane Society and described her and said I would wait to hear from them if her owner contacted them but that I would keep her with me until I heard from them or the owner.  I also called my vet’s office and told them the story just in case one of their other clients called to report a missing female Golden Retriever.

What about a name though?  When I got back to work I asked my boss’s daughter what she thought a good name was.  She suggested Annie.  Which was a name I had considered more than a year ago when I considered adding another Golden Retriever to the family to keep Samantha and Nala company.  Annie was also the name of one of my vet’s Goldens who had passed away from cancer a few years ago.

So I have three dogs I consider rescues.  Two are Golden Retrievers and one is the best possible mix I could think of being a Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever.  I am blessed.

If you’re looking for a dog to add to your family please consider rescuing a dog that is looking for a forever home and who will love you more than life itself.



  1. Excellent post despite you calling me a whiny bitch you jagweed horseass.

    I hope this happens to you:

  2. Oh, you mean yesterday morning? Shit, that happens all the time.

  3. Rescuing dogs is one of the coolest things you can do. It’s like they know you saved them.

    Glad that worked out so well Cranky, we’ve got two (relatively) new rescues, and we love em’ to death! It really helped us deal with losing Kramer.

    I wish more people would look into rescuing dogs, instead of going to puppy mills, or pet stores, there’s so many amazing poochies out there that just need a chance.

  4. Resuing dogs?

    That reminds me of my high school prom.

    Try the veal.

  5. ocho

  6. You left out change. What kind of fucked up lemming are you?

  7. Rosetta, you re-sue your prom dates? That must have been some kind of bad, bad, STD.

  8. Cats, too. “Gratitude” is probably too sophisticated an emotion to pin on a cat, but rescued strays do seem to have a concept of “things sucked, and then I came here and they didn’t suck any more. Nice.”

    Puppies and kittens are great fun, but animals adopted as adults spend the rest of their lives saying thank you.

  9. Weasel, you’re right. I am guilty of believing our animal friends have feelings and gratitude is one of them. If you correct a dog you can see the hurt in their eyes. You can also look into their eyes and see the joy they feel at your return or the begging please throw the tennis ball again look.

    We had dogs and cats while I was growing up. My mother and sisters always kept a cat around. One of my sisters had a cat named Seamus who was a holy terror. He’d sit atop the living room chair back and occasionally take a swipe at you as you walked past. The toughest cat we ever had, and he was a bad to the bone cat, was named Winky. I watched him catch pheasants and rabbits. Winky also took on our neighbor’s Saint Bernard and chased that 140 pound mass of fur out of our yard.

    I believe that cats and dogs frequently bring out the best in a person. I wish I were as good a person as my dogs think I am.

  10. Rosetta, you re-sue your prom dates?

    Although I was having cocktails when I made that comment, I suspect a rat bastard may have tampered with my comment and absconded with my “c”.

    I shall consult with my attorney about taking legal action.

  11. do seem to have a concept of “things sucked, and then I came here and they didn’t suck any more. Nice.”

    S. Weasel,

    You are absolutely correct. When my cat Debit was alive and wanted to be rubbed, if you were sitting on the couch he would and do somersaults on your feet until you rubbed his belly.

    I don’t know what a cat thinks to himself when he’s happy or if he’s even aware when he’s happy but when you rubbed his belly, Debit was friggin’ happy.

  12. Love that Debit name, I’m sure Debit was a credit to his species. 😛 Pets are just cool. The one thing I really looked forward to with my retirement from the military was that nothing would interfere with my ability to have dogs in my life again.

  13. You’re definitely a dog fan, cranky.

    I’m glad they bring you so much pleasure. They’re probably the luckiest dogs in Alabama.

  14. I don’t think any of them are loving Alabama right this minute. The electricity just came back on after getting knocked out for about 30 minutes. Torrential rains and lots of lightning and big booms. The rain they don’t mind too much, the lightning and the booms none of us like.

    Just received Johah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism today. Dust cover reviews loved the book. I’m looking forward to acquiring more ammo in the fight against liberals.

    A customer in our shop told me that Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center (super liberal race mongering group) has a list of all NRA members in Alabama as people to be watched. Got to love our home grown fascists. They’ve got armed guards walking all around their headquarters in Montgomery and they stop people on public streets who take a picture of their building.

    Adolph would be so proud.

  15. Adolf

    Adolph is how the Mexicans spell it.

  16. Ruh roh! xbrad is a spelling Nazi.


  17. Eh, it’s no golden retriever, but I thought it was cute.

  18. Did the cat catch the blanket or did the blanket catch the cat?

  19. The cat likes to knead and chew that blanket. And that blanket only.

  20. Nice Santa hat on the dog.

  21. I’ve generally resisted the temptation to dress my dogs up and preserve their embarrassment on film. Still, that is one happy looking Golden.

  22. *sniff sniff*

    This blog smells musty.

    You better get a new post up or I’m going to have to come in here and hose the place down.

    Here’s some inspiration you lazy bastard.

  23. I am generally unmotivated right now but I’m working on something that isn’t a fun subject because its anniversary is coming up and stuff I don’t like about myself rear their ugly little heads. I ain’t feeling sorry for myself. It’s just the way it is and given what I was able to take away from the privilege of having a 20-year military career it is a comparatively small price to pay. And I deal with it.

    And the lady in the drawing is freaking hot.

  24. Wow cranky that’s so juicy. I hope you’re ok and that whatever it is you’re dealing with you can be smugly satisfied with the fact that you sir, are not rosetta!

  25. I am not Rosetta. But I got, or had, issues.

  26. Hi Cranky

  27. Hi PattyAnn.

    The Turks invaded Cyprus on July 20, 1974. That’s the back story.

  28. Well take care of yourself first, crank, and I wish you a speedy pass through whatever is troubling you.

    And then, when you’re feeling better, get your ass in gear and put up something fun or I’ll get the WordPress cops to shut you down for delinquency!!!!


  29. I keep thinking about making some apple pie but I know if I do I’ll just eat the whole thing. And that might not be good for my cholesterol.

    Problems are small. I think I’ve got it all written out now and I know what is wrong with me and what is right. So I’m okay. I have friends and know of other people who have real problems. My shit is small potatoes.

  30. I’m your friend, cranky.

    I would piss on you if you were on fire.

    You crack my shit up and I like defiling your blog with my stupid.

  31. Thanks dude. You can be sure this isn’t a suicide watch. XBradTC said on PJ’s blog that the doc’s always ask him that. I always get that question too. I’ve got enough other sins to attone for, I don’t need to give God more ammo.

  32. Well I like you too cranky.

    b-rad’s comment cracked me up.

    I know you’ll be fine because nobody can make potato bread as good as you and be such an animal lover and be a bad guy. It just don’t work that way.

  33. heh heh heh heh

    cranky said dude

  34. Dude?


  35. I think cranky might be a hippie.

  36. Don’t bogart that joint, dewd.

  37. Hey Cranky,
    I have never commented on your blog before but I saw the Golden Retriever thing and had to say Hi, I have a Golden and a Lab and they are the best. It is so hard to NOT get another Golden, they are the great dogs. I know this thread is prob dead, and I am reading your Dead or Dying post next.

    Thanks for all the funny comments.


  38. Hey V, when I first was transferred to Alabama some friends of mine who were being sent to Okinawa had me watch their Irish Setter/Golden Retriever. Wonderful dog. She passed away before my friends came back from overseas. I hated not having a dog in the house and a woman at my vet’s office found me a Golden who kind of needed rescuing. That’s how Samantha ended up here. About a year and a half after that another Golden named Nala needed someone who would care for her so she came home with me.

    After Nala passed away Mrs. bmac searched the internet and found a Golden at my Humane Society. That dog had been adopted but the Shelter said their was a Golden/Yellow Lab in doggie jail and would I like to meet her. Jessie came home with me about an hour after we met. She’s the sweetest most affectionate dog. Biggest girl in the house at about 80 pounds but thinks she is a lap dog.

    Annie found us by jumping on my back one day as I was getting into my truck. Another Golden who makes her home here. My mom had a Black Lab/Irish Wolfhound mix, looked all Lab — just a stretched version, that she swore was the world’s smartest dog. I agreed with her.

    I’ve been blessed to be around a bunch of wonderful dogs in my life. I couldn’t imagine life without dogs.

    I might not be as crazy as that other post reads. Then again, maybe I am. Thanks for coming by. BTW, it is always pick on Rosetta time around here.

  39. No thread is dead until cranky says it is.

    And then that fucker is as dead as you can get.

  40. We’re still open for business here.

    And up above there, their = there.

    Plus Annie is really, really sweet and boss of the whole pack.

  41. I wanted to get a friend for my Golden, I was looking at rescue goldens, and was starting the adoption paperwork when my neighbor woke up one morning to let her dog out. There were 2 3 month old black lab puppy. She kept the female, and asked if I wanted the male. Could not say no. My golden is getting up there in age, so I am wondering if I should start training the next generation.
    The Turkey post was really good. Thank you.

  42. +1. Who more? 🙂

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