Posted by: cranky | July 1, 2008

Effectively Dealing With Race-Mongering Hustlers

Man in Houston, Texas was not indicted by a grand jury for shooting two burglars.  He had called 911 and waited for the police response — which was not forthcoming.  Then he went outside to stop the felony crime in progress, ordered the perps to stop (they might not have understood English), and they fled, one directly towards him, ultimately resulting in both of them being shot — dead.  The two criminals also happened to be illegal aliens who had violated U.S. law by illegally entering the United States without permission in the form of a visa and not crossing at a border crossing point.

I must be a racist.  Too fucking bad.  Deal.  With. It.

So somewhere along the line between the shooting and the grand jury’s refusal to indict Joe Horner, a Houston-area race hustler named Quanell X, staged a protest in Mr. Horn’s neighborhood.  This instructional video shows viewers effective methods of countering bullshit protests by groups who are offended by something, but they’re primarily offended by the very existence on the planet Earth of the group they are protesting against.  Quanell X and his group are victims all right, mostly victims of bad fashion choices but there you go.  They got a right to speak.  They don’t have a right to be heard.




  1. Oh, I’m sportin’ wood now. Terrific. I can understand protecting a criminal from abuses of the criminal justice system by the awesome power of the state, but how do you justify a protest in by a “Community Leader” like Mr. X, who goes to someone else’s community and decries the fate of two criminals… and yet manages to overlook that the burglary victim was himself a minority? ie, Mr. Horn’s neighbor, who is Vietnamese.

  2. I loved the way the neighborhood responded. Quanell wants to come in and berate the victims of crime over the fate of some ex-criminals proves he must be an idiot. I am so glad to see, and certainly hear, people stand up for what is right.

    For pure entertainment I would love to have been inside the heads of some of Quanell’s entourage and heard the wondering thoughts of “how the fuck do we get out of here because these folks are crazy enough to just about beat us to death if they don’t kill us outright.”

  3. Where’s that picture at the top of the page taken from? It’s beautiful.

  4. MCPO, bmac, and I (I think) agree that it is England. S. Weasel thinks it is England too. It reminds me of England although I wasn’t in that part of England that we think this photograph came from.

    It is beautiful.

  5. That video was fucking awesome. And you hit the nail on the head, crank.

    I am so sick of the perpetually aggrieved 1% shouting their bullshit whines at the rest of us.

    Whenever I see one of those Code Pink swine begin to interrupt a hearing or a speech, I always hope the person nearest them will immediately jump in THEIR face and start calling them the fascist hippie scum that they are.

    I always thought that was fantasy until seeing this video.


  6. With that video who needs Viagra? I don’t believe a lot of these protesters, Code Pink, for example, actually know exactly what it is that they’re against. To me it is their inner narcissistic fascist satisfying their need for attention.

    I think they should be pissed on. Literally. Throw bags of urine at them. When they start behaving civilly I’ll call for an end to the pissing of piss on these scum bags.

    There’s a Universalist Unitarian church (I think they’re the let’s-blow-up-balloons-and-sing-Kumbaya church) near me with some sort of torture is bad sign out front along the road now. Who are they sending that message to? Hamdinnerjacket? Castro? Chavez? The chinless eye doctor in Damascus? The governments of China and Burma?

    We waterboarded three guys and I’m not agreeing that waterboarding is torture. They’ve still got all of their equipment and no permanent scars. They got scared? Boo fucking hoo.

    Fucking smelly hippies.

  7. There are far too many people in this country that didn’t hear “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about” when they were growing up.

    And it’s not just the content of these protest whines that irritates me although that is usually the most annoying thing.

    It’s also the fact that these idiots don’t make any attempt to work to change what they don’t like.

    No, their job isn’t to pick up the dogshit. Their job is merely to point at the dogshit and scream “DOGSHIT!!!! DOGSHIT!!!

    Smelly hippies is right.

  8. Maybe it’s their voice in my head that I hear as I’m outside three times a day picking up dogshit. I hope their entire lives consist of constantly stepping in the dogshit, having it squish up between the toes of their Birkenstock sandals, and then wondering what’s that smell?

    They need a beating. Do you read Rachel Lucas? She’s a hoot. Smart and funny. She had a post the other day about people needing an ass beating. She offered up the idea that maybe you could be charged an admission fee to administer a beating to someone needing a beating. Code Pink members need a beating. So do the kids participating in the video she links. It is infuriating to watch.

    Obvious link possibilities to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s That Smell not taken advantage of.

  9. Hahahaha, Good call on Skynyrd.

    I actually only know Rachel Lucas through you. I think you directed me over there for a thread about race and prejudice or something.

    I’ll add her to my favorites list so I remember to check her out. If I recall correctly, I believe I liked her viewpoint and the way she writes. So thanks for reminding me about her.

    Did you see any fireworks last night or did you stay in and watch Sex in the City?

  10. Other than checking out Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lake Water Temperature Indicators I have never watched that show. Hazy around here so I didn’t see any fireworks other than the illegal ones neighbors shot off.

    Dogs. Did. Not. Like.

  11. Fireworks show 1/2 from house. Watched from patio. The cat was surprisingly unaffected.

  12. Rachel is a great writer. Not as moronic as us, her commenters are usually thoughtful with a “fuck” thrown in where appropriate. I think we’re the short bus riders from the inner city while her readers are the short bus riders from the suburbs.

    Another plus, she loves dogs. And guns. And her significant other was in the Army and just medically retired because of a spinal cord issue. Must be one tough son-of-a-gun because he got recalled and was wandering around with all that body armor and helmet on before they x-rayed him and said “you’re out” go get surgery. She’s a good person.

  13. Maybe 1978 or so, I did a really uncool thing and went with my mother, grandmother, and younger brother and sister to a fireworks display at Villanova University. We were near a dormitory outside the football stadium’s west goalpost.

    Now, I’ve had ground burst simulators and grenade simulators thrown at me. Been a little ways behind in the back blast area of claymore mines. I’ve stood next to artillery as it has been fired, sometimes I’ve even know the artillery was there.

    Some of the shit they were firing from the pit came back down into the fireworks pit and then it started cooking off. Shit was flying everywhere. Now I’m kind of bringing up the rear, encouraging my mid-60s grandmother to forget about those disabilities and start running. We made it around the corner of the building.

    Only the back blast from the claymores (See xbradtc’s Rules for Combat) compared to the fireworks for the Holy Shit factor. That was some kind of exciting.

  14. Cranky, I was the grenade simulator magnet. Damn things ALWAYS landed in my hole.

    I was at a fireworks in Colorado and they cut the fuse wrong. Shell went up. Shell came down. Shell burst. Pretty. But mostly pretty hot.

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