Posted by: cranky | June 24, 2008

Vote Yes for Tax Increases

Just an idea, but how about if Congress is voting for a tax increase, or changes in what constitutes taxable income or tax brackets, that any such increase only applies to constituents of those who voted affirmatively for the tax increase.

‘Cause then I don’t care if Obama votes Yes for a tax increase as long as Senators Sessions and Shelby vote No.  Screw you residents of Illinois, you put the moron in office so you can pay the price and feel the pain.



  1. I’m thinking about not paying taxes at all anymore.

    I’m sick of the bullshit.

  2. Don’t forget to write with your address when you get to whatever penal camp they send you. If you grow a beard and turn brown maybe they’ll send you to Gitmo.

  3. You just like using the word “penal”.

  4. Quit being penii™.


  6. Science! If they were able to do that you’d think they could make him a substitute for his wife and then he’d never leave the house.

  7. I would like to see how the scene went down when he showed her the double decker.


    Obviously she wasn’t too fired up. I imagine there was crying.

  8. I’m guessing she wasn’t a fan of the double penetration idea at all.

  9. I’m guessing he wasn’t married to this gal.

  10. Nuttall? They got to be shitting me.

    Amazing how this has morphed from income taxes to anatomical duallies.

  11. They’re basically the same thing.

  12. Rosetta made a funny about the fuckee also being the fucker.

  13. Stupid sock puppets.

  14. Hahahaha.

    50% of the comments on this blog are your sock puppets.

    You should change the name to “Balance Puppet”.

  15. Screw you, Rosetta.

  16. Hahahahaha!

  17. I think I hear your vagina yelling from the spam bucket.

    You may want to go save it.


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