Posted by: cranky | June 17, 2008

The Dog Didn’t Do It

That smell?  Wasn’t the dog.  The Hubble Space Telescope caught one of Al Gore’s farts.

Talk about Galactic Warming!



  1. Nice nebula. Or is that an exploding star?


  2. Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. Clicky.

  3. Space Balls

  4. Space Balls! Them too.


  5. Look at those charcoal briquettes. That’s a mighty big BBQ in the sky.

  6. How would you like your rib eye cooked? Measured in nanoseconds.

    Today’s Tip: Don’t take two valium in teh space of 30 minutes to counteract the claustrophobia of an MRI and then drive afterwards. I’m guessing that I probably followed the instructions to not move while the imaging was going on. I have no recollection of leaving the MRI place and either going home for lunch or of going back to work. Apparently, my front bumper had an interaction with an old safe in our parking lot. And it looks like I kissed my mailbox with my door.

    Stupid, thy name is cranky.

  7. I have backing up issues. I need one of those cameras on the back of my minivan.

    I haven’t done this in a looooooooong time, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of gas station poles I have hit.

  8. Hey! What’s goin’ on over here in Crankyville?

  9. A drug induced stupidor continues.

  10. I’m so sorry you have to still take your meds. For a while I was in desperate need of them, but was unable to take them because I had to be alert for the kids.

    That was an extremely difficult week for me. I was in pain and was a very grouchy mean mom. I hired Graham at $5 a day to be my helper.

    He’s 10, but that’s a huge amount of money for him. He went out immediately and bought himself an orchid and some plant that had red in the middle of his leaves, real purty plant.

    He’s gonna be a botanist. It may sound like I’m in a drug induced ramble as I write this, but I assure you, I’m not. I’m desperate for adult conversation.

  11. I have one of those pill splitters so I split the Lortab in half and take half in the morning and the other half at lunch time. Don’t notice it as much as if I took a whole pill which kind of knocks me for a loop. You’d think a pill that causes drowsiness would make it easier to sleep. But you’d be wrong.

    For the last two nights I’ve had trouble getting to sleep. Sunday night/Monday morning I took an Ambien at 1 am so I at least got three or so hours of sleep. Same thing last night except that I took the Ambien around 11 pm. This sucks ’cause I’m really tired. I wonder if this is some reaction to the cholesterol stuff I have to take too? There’s a Lidocaine patch I put on my back when I got to bed.

    It sucks taking all of this medicine but at least I don’t feel the back pain or the knee pain or the hip pain. Actually, it is pretty cool to not feel pain. Over the counter stuff doesn’t work at all for me.

    Hope you have a fun adult kind of day with some conversation. Have I rambled a bit? More meds, stat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!!

  12. Oh you know what? Generally I’m a very piss poor sleeper, but this stuff has me sleeping pretty good.

    I know this because I’m actually dreaming. I don’t often get into the dream state because I kick myself awake every 40-60 seconds during the night. (I know this because I did a sleep study where they hook you up to all sorts of stuff and watch you sleep all night) this stuff gets me into the dream state. I’ve had some crazy dreams lately.

    I refuse to take drugs for my PLMS because sometimes I think the cure is worse than the disease. Anyhoo, I don’t get too much sleep, but I’m used to it now.

  13. I’m really tired. And I hate feeling tired. I have to get up and get the dogs out by 0530 and I don’t have a problem with that but I really would like to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep without the aid of drugs.

    Maybe it is the cholesterol medicine counteracting the pain stuff which is supposed to make me drowsy. I’d rather not take any sleeping pills either but I have to get some sleep.

  14. Oh that’s not how I meant it. I was giving any opinion on your taking pills to help you sleep. I was just excited that I’d been getting good sleep lately with the hydrocodone (generic name for Lortab)

  15. I’ve been figuring the Lortab would help me get to sleep but no such luck. Maybe I’ll skip the Lortab tonight and just take an Ambien.

    Me so tired and sleepy medicine not make sleepy.

    And one of my dogs has the shits so I have to be agile and mobile so I don’t get hostile if I don’t get her outside quickly enough. If she would just give me a signal — which she doesn’t.

  16. ahhhhh, poor cranky. I understand that. When one of my kids puke I’m like WTF?!?!?! run to the toilet dammit! don’t just roll over and go, BLEH

  17. I hope you sleep well tonight.

  18. A Pepto Bismol tablet hidden in some peanut butter and maybe, just maybe Jessie won’t have to use the carpet instead of the lawn. She’s such a happy puppy that it hurts to see her not feeling well. Even if she isn’t feeling well she is still about the happiest dog I’ve ever known. She’s also about the most stubborn and headstrong dog I’ve ever known too. I can’t believe her owners didn’t try to find her at the shelter. Lucky me and her. They must have been really shitty people to care so little for such a wonderful dog. All she asks is to get 6 cups of dry food, 3 Milk Bones, and a bunch of clean water every day. An hour ot two of kicking a tennis ball for her to chase and her day is perfect.

    I have been blessed with great dogs. God has been kind to me.

    It is still a good thing I have a carpet shampooer. Now I better get her outside once more and then I’m going to try to get to sleep. Later gator.

  19. Aw, that is very sweet cranky. There’s nothing like a good dog.

    I’ve always thought every kids deserves to have at least one good dog in their life.

    I had one and lucky for us, we got a damn good dog at the shelter last October.

    poor dog everyone was scared of him because he’s 90 lbs. and barks if he doesn’t like you. so his friend that he got institutionalized with got adopted early on, but he was there for 3months which is really sad.

    He adores my kids and is so patient and gentle with him. But I’m his momma. He sleeps on the floor by my bed and won’t leave the room in the morning till I do. If I get up in the middle of the night he follows me wherever I go to protect me.

    He even had a hard time because of my surgery and didn’t want to leave my room.

  20. I’ve got three great dogs right now. Nala passed away last October and she might have been the my greatest dog ever. Samantha is almost completely deaf and her eyesight is going plus the arthritis. She’s 12 and a half and the sweetest dog. Sadly she doesn’t get as much attention as the two younger ones since they just push their way to the front.

    Annie, who found me in January, will snuggle up with me when it’s time for me to get up and start rolling around. Jessie, who is the biggest will crawl right up onto my chest so I can’t breathe. That will make me get up just to get her off of me. They’re all great dogs.

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