Posted by: cranky | May 19, 2008

Cheezburger Nazi

Obama says no cheezburger for you.

h/t to Weasel and commenter Lokki.






  4. Did you hear his speech in Portland?! No SUVs, no thermometers set at 72. What a freaking Commie bastage!

  5. Clinton on McCain and a gas tax holiday“Senator McCain said let’s give everybody a gas tax holiday but doesn’t want to pay for it. I think I’ve got the best plan. Let the oil companies pay it out of their excess profits,” she said.

    Okay, Hillary how does a company garner “excess profits”? Answer: from money paid by consumers for the company’s products. What is an excess profit? *crickets, how the fuck do we know?*

    Hillary, where does the money come from that a company pays in taxes? Answer: You stupid bint, it comes from consumers who buy the company’s products. You raise their taxes you raise the price the consumer pays. God, you and your whole tribe of liberals and Democrats are so fucking stupid.

    How do you pay for a tax cut? Are you that stupid a person Hillary? Are you that blonde? Why don’t you try to think of some ways to cut spending you dumb ass blonde bobble head. It ain’t your money bitch.

  6. Here’s Obama’s actual comment:

    We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said.

    Other COUNTRIES??! Hahahahaha.

    That is one of the most asinine statments I’ve ever heard.

    I, for one, will drive what I want, eat what I want and keep my house at whatever temp I want.

    Why the hell would I care what another country thinks? Hahaha. I need their approval? Hahahaha. Uh no.


    It’s called freedom. Look into it.

  7. We need the approval of other countries? O RLY? Iffin they want, they can come on over here and try to tell me what to do. Of course, that might be a good day for them to call in sick since I’ll be rearranging my ammunition supplies to make sure none of it reaches that dreaded expiration date.

    Obama can really bring the STUPID.

  8. I’m stealing your idea. Try and stop me.

  9. cranky – No. What Obama wants is the government to scrutinize your energy consumption with additional taxes for anything above a set limit, an additional increase in mandated MPG and government-sanctioned foodstuffs. Of course, these limits will not apply to elected officials. It’s the fucking Soviet Union in 1962!

    I had originally thought Obama was a socialist but he’s not. He’s an out and out communist! Sadly, the commies will take over our government in Jan 2009.

  10. What idea? There was an idea around here? Dammit, this is an idea-free zone.

  11. I had no idea you had ideas Cranky!

    Yep, I’m really concerned about what some machiatto sipping, 3 hour lunch taking eurotrash piece of shit thinks about me or my country while they paint a lovely pastel of their own demise.

    *cribbed that from myself*

  12. […] Idea stolen in broad daylight from cranky. […]

  13. Marxist/Communist equal same thing, right? I suspect there are some bitter, church going, gun toting, pickup driving folks who might not put up with some elitist D.C. resident telling them what they can drive or eat. Especially, when what is driven and eaten is manufactured and grown outside of D.C.

    Food shortages in D.C. would be pretty funny. Starve the stupidity right out of them.

    Stop! Thief!!1!!!!

    *Bang. Bang. Kicks corpse in head. Security round — BANG*

  14. Rosetta is stupid, she is a stupid christian who hates nazis and buddhists… Christianity is a dangerous idiotic religion! Paganism was there before and is the real tradition of WHITE men and AFRICAN men.

    Long Life to Obama…Fur ein 1000 jahren Reich

    Obama is the best thing to happen in America

    We are Nazi and we wants friendship between white and black…

    Skinheads for Obama

  15. SkinsForObama, are you a parody or for real? Because it is a bad parody and if you’re for real, well, then you’re just too stupid to live. So how about quickly finding a cliff and wandering off the edge — cause that’s what lemmings do.

  16. Hahahahahahaha!!

    Skinheads for Obama,

    Yours is the most incoherent comment I think I’ve ever read.

    I don’t even know how to make fun of you because I don’t know what your point was.


    If you come back, try to make sense so I know how to mock you.

  17. Christianity is a dangerous idiotic religion!

    Your avatar is a Christmas tree. Hahahahahaha!

    SUPER EPIC DOUCHE FAIL!!!eleventy!!

  18. cranky,

    You have the worst trolls in the history of the innernettubes.

    Try to work on that.


  19. Yes, you Christianist. I will be more offensive in the future. Go check out Rachel’s post about police in England putting booties on police dogs so they won’t offend Muslims.


    No shit.

  20. FYI, Skins for Obama came to us from the Atlanta area.

  21. hmm.. thank you very much. usefull information

  22. Absolutely scintillating comment there Miley-Cyrus-Fan.

  23. Miley-Cyrus-fan looks like your twin sister.

    Winged Dingleberry siblings.

  24. I’ve got better hair though.

  25. And from the look of your sister’s eyes, I would say she’s high on crack.

    Do any of your real sisters ever visit this place?

    Also, have you gotten mad phat traffic from the BBF link? It’s prolly huge.

  26. I hope neither of my real sisters ever see this place. I’d be embarrassed by my language even though they’ve heard it before, they are both still very lady like.

    Not a peep from any BBF traffic. No profane comments. Sweaty Mens? Is that a blog you and wiser are running together.

  27. Yeah, Rosetta a whopping 4 visits from The Hostages link. You really know how to drive the traffic away. Thanks.

    Did I say thanks? Well, thanks.



  28. I’m gonna go buy some BBQ for dinner. Pulled pork and some sausage, slaw. Maybe some fries too.

  29. I knew that you would get kick ass traffic.

    Just so you know, if your sisters show up, I won’t say anything about you buying that blow up Nancy Pelosi doll.

  30. The doll is Helen Thomas, not Nancy Pelosi.

  31. I wonder if Helen Thomas and Medeleine Albright ever had sex.


  32. You got any extra brain bleach?


  34. I’ll have to pick up some while I’m out shopping.

    I need to do some Photoshop thing with this picture.

  35. Your sister Miley-Cyrus-Fan left the same comment at NiceDeb’s.

    I think she might be a retard.

  36. I ain’t clicking that name, probably has an STD.

  37. Or farm pron.

  38. Are you allowed to call Miley Cyrus Fan a cow?!?

  39. Cow = no. Heifer = okay.

  40. Thanks mate. Awesome submissions you have here. Have some more links to link to with a bit more info?

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