Posted by: cranky | May 13, 2008


What I’m having for dinner.  Might not be your typical meatloaf.  I use about 1 ½ pounds of ground beef and most of the recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook on page 241.  I add small cans of carrots, green beans, and corn.  I also take a barbeque sauce and mix in some brown sugar and baste the top of that slab of meat liberally and cook for an additional 10 minutes.

Good stuff.  Add some cranberry sauce and some sweet tea and I’m in the mood to salivate.

Cause other than writing about what I’m going to eat, I didn’t read anything newsworthy other than the tragedy in China, I’m not pissed about anything enough to really care, and I’m used to McCain pissing on my beliefs in order to dick smoke, among others in a growing list, the climate change short bus riders.

And, oh yeah, I’m glad Sears has a lifetime warranty on their tools because I’m going to replace a pitchfork for the second time in 13 years.   Yawn.

Thank goodness though that my Skynyrd CDs arrived in the mail today so that I can see about annoying other drivers with some loud music.  Already on the iPod. 



  1. My sister is in China right now visiting her family. She didn’t even know about the earthquake until my brother who’s in the states told her. Guess that’s the way the news works there.

  2. I’m used to McCain pissing on my beliefs in order to dick smoke, among others in a growing list, the climate change short bus riders.

    Hahahaha! That’s funny, cranky. Who wrote that for you?

  3. What?

  4. Hey! Speaking of bacon on meatloaf…

    My Mom used to put bacon on meatloaf.

    It would really piss him off.


    THANK YOU!!!!

  5. We think meatloaf should be made entirely of bacon.

  6. I usually put bacon on meatloaf too but I forgot to defrost any so my dogs missed out on that treat.

    Rosetta, I thought it up all by my lonesome. So there, Mr. Funny Man.

    PJ, your sister is in China? How many sisters do you have? Is she visiting her in-laws? Ask her if she can sneak out any artifacts that we can sell and make big bucks.

  7. Hey Bacon! Thanks for visiting. What are you doing for lunch?

  8. Hey cows! You’re what’s for dinner. And you’re delicious. How come they call you hamburger when you aren’t ham? I’ve always wondered.

  9. Hah, I am mentally retarded. I meant my sister in law. My brother’s wife. This is her right here, she’s a wedding dress designer.

  10. I didn’t name myself jackhole.

  11. The blonde guy in the matching colored outfit posing with her is my bro.

  12. PJ, I didn’t see any guys. Your sister-in-law is, ahem, smoking.

    And cows, I’d tell you to bite me but all you can do is chew your cud. And no, I’m not gonna eat more chicken. I’m thinking a nice thick rib eye would hit the spot.

  13. i wish i could see it but the powers that be have now blocked myspace from being viewed from work….ahhhhhhhhhhh

  14. sohos, let me tell you she is very hot. PJ’s brother is a lucky man.

  15. Sohos, PJ’s brother is smokin’ too!

  16. I was told there would be pie.

  17. You and Rosetta and the pie. I’m too tired to be making pie and this weekend I’m spending both days in a mandatory training class. So no pie for me this weekend either.

  18. Mandatory training class?

    Are you wetting the bed again?

  19. The bed wetting would be a retraining class what I’ve been trained on so far hasn’t taken. Fun stuff for the industry I work in. If you will ever cross the threshold into someone’s home or business you must have 12 hours per year of continuing professional education. Bunch of BS government over regulation and extra costs involved satisfying the idiots in state government.

    So I’m going to spend Saturday and Sunday learning stuff I already know and spending a bunch on gas going back and forth.

  20. OOF!! Continuing ed sucks.

    I have to do a bunch of that each year too. It’s nothing other than professional shakedown money.

  21. Shakedown money is right. The state board that governs this industry actually using a contractor to administer the requirements and collect the fees and background investigations. I will one day find out if anyone on that state board has any financial interest in the contractor. We also see this whole regulation thing as an effort by the larger companies in our field in this state to cripple the smaller companies and force them out of business.

    I hope to see some of these people sent to jail someday.

  22. What are the topics for the weekend?

    Some sweet new FASB ruling?


  23. This is the physical security industry. FASB stuff would be like a jolt of adreline compared to this shit.

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