Posted by: cranky | May 11, 2008

Nobama ’08

Rough draft of Obama photoshopped bumper sticker.  Suggestions?



  1. The web address on the bumpersticker is an Obama fundraising website.

  2. A bumper sticker post is a good idea, bitch.

    There are a lot of funny one’s out there.

  3. I was going to, still might, write a post about a bumper sticker I saw on this old guy’s pickup a few weeks ago. But it might be seen as racist. Saw another one yesterday that again might be seen as being racist, and the context in which I saw would put the politically correct police into a frenzy.

    Still might do it. Citizen reporter and all that, right? I just saw them. Where I would be “wrong” is that I wasn’t offended and actually laughed at the first one.

    UPDATE: Here’s a politically incorrect Southern bumper sticker.

  4. I don’t know. I’m sure some people would get their panties in a bunch but fuck them. If the stickers are funny, post them.

    You report, I’ll decide.

    Maybe you can include this simple humor guide:

    Racism = Never funny

    Racist Bumper Sticker = Potentially Funny

    The one about picking my own cotton, I think that’s funny as hell.

  5. My favorite bumper sticker:

    Hey YOU! Out of the gene pool!

  6. PJ, you made me think of that scene in Caddyshack.

  7. Hey YOU! Out of the gene pool!

    Are you trying to see on how many blogs you can make that comment?



  8. Hey YOU!!!1!!11!!

  9. Are you trying to see on how many blogs you can make that comment?

    Is that a dare?

  10. Ok, so far I have bmac, cuffy, hostages and cranky.
    I’m laughing because the comment so totally doesn’t make sense on two of those blogs.

  11. Hahahahaha.

    You know Cuffy and bmac will probably play along in order to not make you feel like a retard.

    You’re lucky you have me who will call you retard to your face.

  12. I am truly a lucky girl. I know this.

  13. Kabooooommmmmmmmmmmmm!

  14. Only two bumper stickers worth having:

    “Fly Navy”

    “Jet Noise: The Sound of Freedom!”

  15. Naval aviators have big brass ones. I haven’t watched the PBS series on carriers but I have watched some other shows on carrier ops and putting a plane down on a moving runway and catching the wires is some kind of bad ass crazy shit. Then do it at night. Jeebus.

  16. Night-time on the flight deck. . . only good thing is that nobody can see you when you shit your pants.

  17. Cranky – Remember this: It requires a college degree to break a jet. It requires a HS diploma to fix it.

  18. i love this and your new layout!

  19. Thanks sohos. I hope you and your family are feeling better.

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