Posted by: cranky | May 11, 2008

Lynyrd Skynyrd Bumper Sticker

Lynyrd Skynyrd Flag Logo

Two more days and I get my Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs including the 14 minute plus version of Free Bird.  There is a discussion ongoing at The Hostages about bumper stickers.  What you see above is the decal I need to get for my truck.

On a car I had a few years ago I had a bumper sticker that accomplished exactly what it advocated:

I looked outside the front doors of where I work and saw a guy’s face turn purple with rage when he saw the bumper sticker.  He probably popped a blood vessel when Bush won re-election.  Hahahahaha!  Good times.




  1. “Infidels Rule!” is a good one iffin you have any mooselimbs in the neighborhood.

  2. Hey lazy bastard!!

    *pokes cranky with a stick*

    How about a new post on this POS!?!?

    If you have no ideas, make up something about this:

  3. Yeah, I clicked it and I knew what I was clicking. I like seeing things blow up.

    Did you check out the Iraq Thriller video link that mesa posted? Hucking filarious. Slow news day, no kids on my weed infested lawn, what’s the point of complaining about more of McCain’s stupidity. He doesn’t care about conservatives because he figures he doesn’t need us, he’s got plenty of liberal Democrats that will vote for him. Fucker.

  4. Yeah. Fuck him.

    Giving a speech on global warming like a dumbass.

    Stupid RINO.

  5. Got anybody else we can vote for? Nothing but shit sandwiches on the menu.

  6. MAVERICK DOESN”T NEED YOUR VOTE! MAVERICK will be elected by Democrats, Messicans and idiots!

  7. I’m writing in Heidi Klum.

  8. Reports have Heid suffering some ‘shrinkage’ IYNWIMAITYD and it ain’t from the lake water temperature. Nice thing about Heidi was that she wasn’t meth/crack/heroin thin.

    I might have to vote for McCain at this point but if he puts that fraud Huckabee on the ticket then I won’t be able to make that vote and I’ll just write in None of the Above.

    One of the versions of Free Bird I’ve got now runs to 14 minutes and 23 seconds. That lasts longer than it takes me to get to work.

  9. Shrinkage??? Unacceptable!!

    She has had a couple of kids which is a normal human, non-supermodel activity which is one of the reasons I’m a Heidi fan. And she’s friggin’ gorgeous.

    Speaking of work, anything ever come of that job interview you had a few weeks back?

  10. No word on the interview. It was a financial analyst job doing budget work and no accounting. I figure I talked too much during the interview and was a little nervous. I also suspect that the recruiter, if it reached that point, asked for too much money. Since their budget process begins in about six weeks I assume I won’t be offered the position. No great loss.

  11. Sorry to hear that but I’m glad you’re not too bummed out.

    With stuff like that you kinda have to believe if it was meant to happen then it would have happened.

    Also means that something better will be coming along for you.

  12. For the Audacity of Truth about Barack Hussein Obama, check out:

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