Posted by: cranky | May 8, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

On its way to Sweet Home Alabama.  Lynryd Skynyrd [three CD box set] and Lynryd Skynyrd All Time Greatest Hits.  One of the CDs has the 14+ minute version of Free Bird.  I am so looking forward to annoying my neighbors and fellow motorists.




  1. I love Freebird. That’s in my top 20 songs of all time for sure.

    And the longer the version, the better. There aren’t many songs you can say that about.

  2. I guess I’m going to have to get the Freebird movie DVD now too.

  3. All them Van Zandts got uppity and moved to Madarin. Hell, them boys was all from the Westside.

  4. Madarin = Mandarin

  5. They’re Chinese? Who knew?

  6. Cranky – The Westside of Jacksonville, FL is working class and, back in the day, semi-rural. Mandarin was built up with upscale developments in the late 70’s/early 80’s. The VanZandts moved into riverfront properties after Lynryd Skynyrd hit the big time. I was stationed in Jax for 12 years.

  7. westside is quite built up now, however it’s still kinda gang-bangery in some areas.

    And it’s gots some real rural areas still.

    I remember trying to negotiate the price of a van with this old timer, here I am chatting with him and he pulls out a shotgun.

    He starts walking and I follow him all the while we’re discussing the price of the van. He walks to a pen and shoots a cow in the head.

    While still talking to me, he hooks it’s hooves up to a chain and lifts it up by tractor, slices it open to bleed it out and then moves it over to a concrete pad where the local brazilians were waiting to carve that puppy up.

    And we finished negotiating the camper van price.

  8. PJM- Yup, that would be the westside I knew and loved. When I moved up by the airport it was the same.

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