Posted by: cranky | May 8, 2008

Me Want New Toy

Toy.  Me want.



  1. Dear God that has to be the most sexy solid stock in existence.

    Excuse me while I retire to my room for some “me” time.

  2. Iron, did you check out this model? Wood stock. Longer barrel and more in line with what I really want. The first one I figure freaks out the gun haters and liberals ’cause its black which is an argument for getting one like that. I suppose they have something against the color black.

    Fulton Armory will build to order M1s or M14s. I’d like to get an M1 too, but that would be number 3 on my wish list.

  3. Oh and that’ such a nice toy!!!

  4. Who invited the new guy?

  5. He can’t be all bad, he’s got mussy and porndeb on his blogroll

  6. How did he get here?

    He must’ve taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

    Either that or he had questions about gay marriage to ask cranky and MCDW.

  7. Rosetta, meet David. David, meet Rosetta, who is a he/she [we’re not sure] man lesbian. Pajama Momma is a beer drinking chick who likes dorks and nerds.

    David really does not care for Mrs. Clinton. At all. Not even a little bit.

  8. Hi David. Nice to meet you.

    I’m surprised you and cranky get along. He has the hots for Hillary.

  9. Dammit Rosetta, that was supposed to be a secret. Shit, now Bill will hear about it and figure he can spend more time apart which means I have to spend more time “with” and that sucks, and I don’t mean that in the good way.

  10. cranky takes one for the team! Film at eleven.

  11. cranky, would you have sex with Hillary if you could punch her afterwards?

  12. Hi Rosetta. Nice to meet you, too.

    OMG – Cranky, you have the hots for Hillary MrsSatan?!?!?

    I did not that ! 😉

    “cranky, would you have sex with Hillary if you could punch her afterwards?” Bwa ha ha! That’s funny! Cranky, I recommend you plead the 5th!

  13. Should’ve been:

    I did not know that.

  14. If I could punch her in the nuts then yeah.

    Oh crap. I take that back because that would mean …

  15. heh heh heh! Yeah, she probably has quite a hairy pair!

  16. I think even hers are in a lockbox

  17. cranky – my advice would be to wear a cup.

  18. Chief, I’ll be wearing this.

  19. Might want some more foot protection. . . some gals are into feets!

  20. Hey bastards, happy Memorial Day weekend.

    Thank you for serving our country and I am glad that you are both my innernettube friends.

    Eat, drink and be merry this weekend.

    And maybe get a hooker or something.

  21. Does the hooker have to be alive?

  22. Those steaks sound delicious, medium please, we’ll be over around noon, and have a case of Corona’s (with limes) and a bottle of Patron ready!

    Have a good weekend Cranky.

  23. You too MCPO, and let me second Rosetta’s “Thank You” for both of your service.

  24. Yes as much as I loathe being in agreement with rosetta, I’d like to thank the both of you for your service and I’m glad you’re both around to celebrate it.

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