Posted by: cranky | May 7, 2008


Pajama Momma says she wants some lesbosuction.  Kinda of sounds hawt!

Fifty-nine Google hits from that term in the past two days.



  1. How did Ellen DeGeneres climb the glass building?


  2. Ok I’m announcing it on this blog. You will be the first to know cranky and I guess rosetta on June 5th, I’m going to disappear for a week. I’m gonna have me a tummy tuck.
    I’m not putting it on my blog officially (I don’t care if people know) but I’m not putting it on officially because I don’t want to hear a bunch of negative stories about the procedure.

    I have this and have to have the doctors put my muscles back together. It’s not obvious, but I’ve lost about 25 lbs. since I started the Warrior Diet and now I want my tummy to look good too.

    See cranky? Now you really freaking have the worst comment thread ever because I just made this my own personal diary.

  3. Dear Diary: walton looked at me today. He’s so hot. do you think he’ll ask me to the prom. OMG! I would like so die if he did

  4. crank you can’t tell that my word “this” on my first post is a hyper link. How are people gonna know to click on it?

  5. I’m sure walton digs your chili and will ask you to the prom.

    Good luck with your surg, pajama momma. Are you going to do before and after pics?

    Are you going to have them inject the fat in your lips?

  6. Geez, I suppose I’m gonna have to change the theme so you can have your diary and so we won’t have to listen to your whining any more.

    Theme suggestions?


  7. How are people gonna know to click on it?

    By “people” do you mean me and cranky?

  8. I will definitely do after pics

  9. HEY!!! HOLY SHIT!!!

    I like the new look, crank. What prompted that?

    And what’s the header photo?

  10. rosetta? this thread is about me? hello?

  11. Had to do something to get pj to stop whining. 😛 I’m guessing that is England or Ireland. Been to airports in both countries and spent about three weeks in England during August 1988.

  12. I thought this thread was about lesbos and I don’t mean the island.

  13. G’night Gracie.

  14. I’m not whining.I’m a driver I’m a winner things are gonna change I can feel it

  15. i love that header picture.
    What elephant in the room?

  16. Glad you’re able to keep up PJ.

  17. PJ? or PA? who’s not keeping up now? huh?

  18. Haha. That said PA last night. I swear.

  19. Looks like England to me. Though we were watching TV one night and there was a long shot of a beautiful landscape and I turned to Uncle B and said, “gosh, you can tell that’s England at a glance, can’t you?”

    And he said, “that’s Germany.”

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