Posted by: cranky | May 4, 2008

Hot Married Chicks Looking for Sex



  1. That’s hilarious. Odd but hilarious.

  2. History will bear me out. bwahaha hahaha

    Get it? “bear” me out?

  3. I barely get it.



  4. Teddy Sexpin™

  5. Rosetta’s Teddy Sexpin™

  6. Dude- you made me watch a yootoob of a fuckin teddy bear.

    Hell. IS FILLED. With people like you.

  7. This is the 7th comment on this thread.

  8. My turn.

  9. Sorry about the Teddy Bear video. Maybe you’ll like this one better.

  10. I thought the teddy bear was um, cute. yeah, it was cute.

    but you know what? I’m really irritated because I want another bloody mary and we have no more vodka and can I do anything about that? noooooo


    because this area makes it difficult to get hard alcohol on Sundays.

    This is where the libertarian in me kicks in and say double u, tee eff?

  11. So now you’re going with the expensive version of WTF?

  12. yeah, I like to use lots of letters. I’m wasteful like that. Can’t spend it on vodka so I figure I’ll spend it on letters.

  13. Your wasteful use of letters contributes to increased carbon dioxide levels and GLOBAL WARMING!!1!!!!!11!

    When does fucking football season start again. I’m bored.

  14. Whoever it is that makes comment # 14 will be a cool person.

  15. So far Rosetta no one from Ace’s has had anything bad to say about you, or good either. I guess they’re pretty indifferent to you now. Maybe the attraction to lesbians has faded as much as your looks.

    That’s sad. You used to be cool over there but apparently you lost all of your coolness.

  16. Hahahaha. You jackoff.

    I doubt more than a handful of people at Ace even know who I am from the good old days back when I was cool.

    As long as Rod Munch likes me, that’s all I care about.

  17. Tom’s been asking around about you.


  18. Tom?

    Tom who?


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