Posted by: cranky | May 3, 2008

Say Something Nice About Rosetta

This will quite likely be the worse thread ever and the ultimate death of the intertubes.

So if you got something nice to say about Rosetta go ahead.


Or if you’ve got something nasty to say about the man/lesbian go right ahead or if you’ve got incriminating photos or videos of the confused one put the link in your comment. 

HEY!  Get in line damnit.



  1. I once let a fat stripper steal $10 from me.

  2. He’s the biggest jackleg ever.

  3. I no longer point and laugh when other people fall down or cry.

  4. Was the $10 in rolls of pennies crammed up your butt?

  5. Was the $10 in rolls of pennies crammed up your butt?

    Are you talking to pajama momma? She’s the one that likes things shoved up her ass.

    I wonder if pajama momma has ever had a Bahama Mama.

    Pajama momma writes with commas and drinks Bahama Mamas while riding farm llamas.

  6. Pajama momma uses lots of commas and drinks Bahama Mamas while riding farm llamas.™

  7. You can’t even get anything right rosetta. This is the “insult rosetta thread” duh

    And I wanted to do a rhyming insult thing to your name, but I’m sober right now. dammit Jim

  8. Rosetta
    no betta
    sores cold


  9. ol’ lanky cranky no yanky his wanky in some skanky hanky but spanky his monkey to pics of rank donkeys.

  10. donkeys don’t rhyme
    monkeys you

  11. donkeys don’t rhyme

  12. Rosetta’s Craig’s List personal ad.

  13. Craig can go fuck himself.

    What’s for dinner tonight?

  14. It’s not dinner. It’s Digornio.

  15. You’re doing frozen pizza?

    Lazy bastard.

  16. Shit is good. It ain’t Pizza Hut but I need to watch my cholesterol so Pizza Hut is about a once a month thing.

    Commerical on TV for a Spike TV show 1,000 Ways to Die. Lead in is what do you get with a bi-curious woman and 20,000 volts: Lesbocution.

  17. Sweet lesbocution!

    I coincidentally had Pizza Slut last night.

  18. I ate two pizzas all by myself today. Because I’m stressed and I make a wicked good pizza.

    Oh. Umm…

    Rosetta sucks?

  19. S. Weasel, I do, in fact, NOT suck.

    Why are you stressed?

    What toppings were on your pizzas?

  20. Pizza facts about cranky: Pizza Hut pan pizza with pepperoni and pineapple. Delicious!

    And Rosetta does suck™

  21. Pineapple on a pizza, is a crime against pizza.

  22. bmac, try it. You’ll like it.

  23. I’d like to get lesbosuction on my thighs and arms.

  24. Way to reinforce those rumors, pj. Rosetta runs out of ammo and you keep reloading him.

    Short track race tonight in Richmond. Yehaaaa! C’mon Dale Jr.!

    I not only like pineapple on my pizza I like NASCAR too. And guns. And ‘murica.

    G’night Gracie.

  25. I’m bored.

  26. And Rosetta does suck™

    That’s a mothrafucking outrage!!!!!!

    Who’s turn is it to go to Taco Bell and get me Nachos Bellgrande?

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

    *is mothrafucking outraged*

    *falls off chair*


    *crawls up on ottoman*

    Jeff, go to Taco Bell!!

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!

    *calls Taco Bell for delivery*

    Why do high school kids do jobs that illegal immigrants won’t do?

    *looks around for beer*

    Where are you beer? FUCKER!!!!!

    *trips over phone*

    *throws phone handset at Jeff*

    *calls 8-1-1*

    Do you deliver Nachos?

    *”this is not a working number”*


    *takes off pants*

    *realizes wasn’t wearing pants*


  27. Don’t you mean:


  28. Hahahaha.

    You should make some good money owning that one.

  29. Rosetta has a special custom-made sanitary napkin that allows him/her to scratch his/her balls even during those days.

  30. Hahahahaha. Good one Tushar.

    + 500 points

  31. Feel the love Rosetta?

    Good one Tushar! How are the twins?

  32. I was writing at the same time as Miss Rosetta. Internet is about empty today. But not as empty as Rosetta’s brain pan.

  33. Howdy, Rosetta and Cranky!

    The twins are great, and learning new tricks every day. Not as many as Rosetta’s ‘twins’ though. Also, mine have straight hair, not curly.

    Ok, this is grossing me out.

  34. I understand what you mean about grossing you out. Rosetta has that affect on people.

  35. OMG! Tushar! How many months old are the twins now? Are you still going to come to Jacksonville?

    I eat twins like yours for breakfast I’d love to see your babies.

  36. Gotta do something about that appetite, pj.

  37. I’ll be happy after I get those twins in my belly.

  38. PJM, I intend to come to Jacksonville, but I am not sure when.
    My babies are very sweet…. wait! I shouldn’t have told you that.

  39. They are 7 months now.

  40. I heard that Rosetta smells like a fresh stick of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum. So there. ::melts back into the woodwork in the manner of Bootstrap Bill:::

  41. Oh babies at 7 months are so adorable… plump………so tender and you’re right Tushar…..ever so sweet. 🙂

  42. I heard that Rosetta smells like a fresh stick of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum covered in dung and left to ferment in the blazing sun of a thousand summers, . So there. ::melts back into the woodwork in the manner of Bootstrap Bill:::

    Fixed it for you.

  43. Verity Kindle is my friend.

    The rest of you can get bent.

  44. Naw, I won’t edit Rosetta’s comments because that would be WRONG.

  45. Hahahaha. What’s with the new avatar?

    Did you draw that?

  46. If I’m logged in WordPress uses my regular gravatar. If I’m not logged in it generates an avatar. Check your dashboard Blog Surfer for the news from WordPress.

    That thing looks like the syphilis bug.

  47. Friggin sock puppets.

  48. That thing looks like the syphilis bug.

    Uh…I’m intimately familiar with what that bug looks like. I can’t count the number of times, or even the different varieties of STDs, I’ve been sporting around one of those buggers.

  49. ewwwwwwwwww

  50. I would never edit someone’s comment unlike some people I know.


    Rat bastard!

  52. Thank you. Try the chicken. I’ll be here all week.

  53. crank, are you married?

  54. Nope. Women have been spared that misery. One of my sisters said I’d make a great father but a lousy husband. She is right.

    Too selfish.

  55. Eh. I respect that.

    I think sometimes people get married because they think they’re supposed to and that’s no good.

    Better to make your internet friends an apple pie.

    APPLE PIE!!!!111111

    Plus I would hate for you to manifest your thread killing skills in the real world. I don’t want you to go to prison for manslaughter.

    Depreciate THAT!! Sum-of-the-fucking-years.

  56. For any of our readers out there who are just as fascinated with depreciation methods as I am, here is a shortcut method of summing the number used as the denominator. Determine the asset’s useful economic life (the period over which the asset will be depreciated). Let’s say the useful life is 5 years. Use this equation where n = 5: n(n+1)/2. Substitute 5 for the n and you have 5(5+1)/2 = 5(6)/2 = 30/2 = 15. The number 15 is the denominator in the fraction multiplied by the assets depreciable basis (cost minus salvage value). The numerator is the number of years remaining in the asset’s economic life. So for the first year there are five years remaining so the fraction used is 5/15. If the asset’s depreciable basis is $900, the first year’s depreciation is $300.

    Doesn’t that just give ya a woodie? Or for you ladies out there, does it make you feel warm?

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