Posted by: cranky | April 28, 2008

Warming America’s Icy ‘Nads

Your dissent being chilled?  Warm up with this, you cranky, magnificient bastards

Bunk Worthy

Are they bumping boobies?  Hawt!!!

h/t to Rosetta who found the link, the photographer, the dress makers, their parents for the genes, and a big shout out to God for the design work.  Thank you to the original publisher, Media Bistro.

Now it is time for bunk!




  1. Nice teeth, too, crank! Thank their dentists.

  2. They’ve got teeth?

    Shout out to the dentists!

  3. Good job posting that picture.

    Friggin’ HOT.

    Hot habanero hot sauce on the hot sun HOT.

  4. Habanero².

  5. Very grrrrrr, baby.

    And Julie is great on ‘Redeye’.

  6. Julie is great on ‘Redeye’.

    Hmmm. That could be taken in a few ways IYKWIMAITYD. And I bet she is.


    that’s my job

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