Posted by: cranky | April 25, 2008

Which Democrat Will I Vote For?

The last Democrat I voted for was George McGovern.  Yeah, I know.  I took a hard right, didn’t I?

Right now I don’t know which of the Democrat candidates for President I will vote for in November since the Republicans aren’t running for the office this year.

The last I heard, Bush was not running again, but you wouldn’t know that given all the Bush-bashing by the candidates.  McCain reminds me of Jimmah Carter and not in any good way.

They all suck.



  1. Cranky, baldilocks is backing Zo. I would, too, but I don’t think he’s a Democrat—he’s in the Grey party.

  2. It’s hard to see, but “Zo” is a link to one of his videos.

  3. I like what he says since it is just common sense and that’s a rare commodity these days.

  4. Every time I think I can hold my nose and go with McCain, he craps in my oatmeal. And then laughs.

    I hate 2008 😦

  5. I really prefer sugar and honey with my oatmeal.

    McCain, for some unknown reason, believes he speaks for the majority of Republicans. I don’t think he could be more wrong. And his arrogance knows no bounds.

    Maybe we need Not In My Name McCain t-shirts.

    I’ll vote for him given the alternatives but I’ll only have to vote for him once because I believe he’ll be a one term president. Likely as successful as Jimmy Carter while in office and likely to be as much of an embarrassment as Carter once he leaves office.

  6. “Every time I think I can hold my nose and go with McCain, he craps in my oatmeal. And then laughs.”


    I have been trying to move my brain into a mode of supporting McCain since he won the nom. Now, after his two incients last week – ripping on the North Carolina State Republican Party and denigrating the Bush response to Katrina – I’m washing my hands of McCain.

    He’s going to need every left of center voter he is pandering to, because he won’t be getting any votes from Conservatives, Republicans, Indies and Libertarians.

  7. — that should be “incidents” no incients.

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