Posted by: cranky | April 25, 2008

B-2 Stealth Bomber over Montgomery

I was driving by Maxwell AFB shortly before noon today when I heard a roar. Maxwell is primarily an academic center for the Air Force. The major unit here is Air University. Not a lot of flying although there is an AF Reserve C-130 unit assigned.  So the jet noise was a pleasant interruption.

What caused the roar? This airplane, essentially a flying wing, shown above the former location of the Wagon Wheel restaurant, located just outside the base on Bell Street.

It is really thin, no horizontal or vertical fins, strange looking to someone like me who spent the largest part of my Air Force career assigned to an F-15 unit (32nd TFS Wolfhounds, screw all you other wannabes 😛 ). In the following picture it is below the wires and to the right of the left-most vertical post.

A slightly closer look at this bird as it passes over one of the gates at Maxwell AFB.

And another photograph showing the plane in pretty much the same spot, it is the dark spot above the light colored building:

Departing the area, which it did pretty quickly, disappearing into the clouds.

Awesome airplane and very, very cool.



  1. VERY cool pics, cranky!

  2. I wish I had gotten a photo that showed it as it banked towards me momentarily. That would have shown the outlines of what I assume are its control surfaces. I was still reaching for my camera when it presented that view.

    Still it was pretty neat to see and we had some dramatic clouds in the area yesterday.

    A few years ago I had to go out to Maxwell one afternoon, no camera with me, and they had four aircraft doing a minature air show. An F-15, an A-10, an F-4, and a P-51. Talk about cool.

  3. Crank, I drive to Kansas City a few times a year for biz and occasionally you’ll see the B-2 flying out of Whiteman AFB.

    Uh, friggin’ crap-your-pants-in-a-good-way awesome.

  4. One of my brother’s was stationed at Whiteman during 1975 through 1977, when it was still a missile base. I visited there once or twice. Knob Noster, Missouri is quite the metropolis.

    That thing was loud enough to startle me and I don’t hear very well anymore. And it was very, very awesome to see.

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