Posted by: cranky | April 25, 2008

All Mine … for the moment

Pretty soon Jessie, on the right, will take the tennis ball away and then Annie will chase her around the yard. In the meantime, Annie will act fierce.



  1. Tennis ball=doggy gold!

    How the pups doin’?

  2. Hey bmac, the girls are doing good. Samantha has trouble getting around, she is almost completely deaf, and her eyesight is going but she’s alert and happy and loves to eat. She tried to run around the yard last Sunday after climbing out of the kiddie pool. That’s a plus. Kind of like the line in Open Range where Kostner says of the dog that the heart is willing but the legs are gone.

    Jessie is the attention hog and a bundle of energy. Annie for all intenets and purposes is the head dog despite being the smallest. Jessie challenges her sometimes but not for long. Jessie and Annie get along like Samantha and Nala did, which is to say great. Where one goes the other one dashes to catch up.

    Tennis balls all over the place and the only one they want is the one the other dog has. Better than watching TV.

    How are your pups doing? Mrs. bmac told me the name of the young one you were watching? Did he stay with y’all? Sounded like some serious bonding was going on.

  3. They sure look like they get along well and have loads of fun!

  4. Sometimes it sounds and looks pretty fierce but they get along really well. Where one goes the other follows.

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