Posted by: cranky | April 23, 2008

Ahmadinejad — “Slap on the Mouth.” Teabagger?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday said Tehran would “slap on the mouthcountries demanding it give up its nuclear program,

If I were asking the questions of President Hamdinnerjacket, I would ask him how much slapping on the mouth he thought he’d get accomplished while he is getting fucked in the ass.

It is well past the time this rat-faced hair bag had his consumption of oxygen restricted.

A little war goes a long way.



  1. Nice! Good post. I like red meat.

    The following skit is presented by Rosetta Community Theater:

    *knock knock*

    “Oh…someone is at door. Maybe one of many virgins have come early, Praise Allah!”

    *begins walking to door*

    “My defeating of Great Satan™ is reward on earth and in Paradise! Praise ALLAH!!!”

    *opens door*



  3. OMG! Is it your goal to put that flippin youtube video in like your every 8th comment?

  4. It would be better if that YouTube video was in every, let’s say, fifth comment.

  5. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! let’s compromise. How bout every never comment?

  6. PJM, we have to set goals and increase production to meet customer demand. During Q4 this year, and going forward, we’re going to have to set video inclusion in comments goals at every fourth comment. Rosetta has been apprised of this goal and agrees.

    The only way we can keep the Atom Bomb video at less than every eighth comment is if there are more videos in really bad taste or involving the display of boobs — or even of guys getting nailed in the package.

    I hope we can count on your support.

  7. Cranky, here’s my support

  8. Is that your personal supporter?

  9. OMG! Is it your goal to put that flippin youtube video in like your every 8th comment?

    MAYBE!!! It’s either that one or this one:

  10. Did I put the correct cover on my TPS report?

  11. Hahahaha! What’s a TPS report?

  12. Have you never seen the movie Office Space?

    Watch this and learn what a TPS report is. Duh.

  13. Never seen the movie. But that is the one with the guy doing the O-face, right?

  14. You are correct.

    The TPS reports bit is in the first minute of this video (for real this time).

    I love Office Space because it reminds me of the cost accounting department at McDonnell Douglas.


  15. McDonnel Douglas — you made my squadron’s F-15s.

  16. Which video link would that be, Oh Master?

  17. Oh yeah! Ha. I forgot to put the stupid jackass link.

    TPS reports are discussed in the first minute. The movie is great and you should rent it. Especially if you’ve worked in a corporate environment.

    It’s spot on.

    I worked for Lundbergh at McDonnell Douglas.

  18. I guess Lundbergh is not the guy who flew solo to France way back when.

    The corporate world I experienced sometimes required the ability to eat shit and praise the taste.

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