Posted by: cranky | April 17, 2008

Lefty Lunacy Seeks to Kill Freedom of Press

The left is going apeshit/batshit crazy over the questions posed to Obama and Clinton during last night’s televised debate on ABC.  Apparently the left’s media minions had the temerity to ask probing questions that revealed Obama to be no where near as articulate when he has to think on his feet as he is when reading from a teleprompter.  The questions also allowed Hillary to slip her knife between Obama’s ribs a few times.

Cuffy Meigs noted the freakout in a comment on Ace’s Debate Recap post.

Commenter tmi3rd notes:

Having just read Cuffy’s link…

Wow. What fun. They’re so cute when they’re angry… thanks for dialing 1-800-MELTDOWN.


Meltdown is right.

At Kos the diarist writes:

Below is the history of how we saw the Okie-Dokie coming a mile away and how a network Subverted Democracy.  President Barack should pull their Broadcasting License. [Emphasis added]

Pull their broadcast license?  Okay, comrade.  And off to the labor and reeducation camps with the whole lot of them.  ‘Cause we can’t have a free and independent press criticizing those in power.  [start sarcasm] We all know how the mainstream media has treated Bush, Cheney, Rove and the current administration with such admirable restraint, fairness, and deference. [/ end sarcasm]

Complaints to ABC mounted.  The San Francisco Chronicle reported that over 16,000 comments had been received at ABC’s web site and they were largely negative — some were profane.  No shit?

The Chronicle article also noted this sober reflection by a Philadelphia Daily News writer below.  The Chronicle may have cleaned it up, or I missed it during this reading, but I believe one writer was so upset by the questions he was shaking.  Butch up, bitch.

Will Bunch, a Philadelphia Daily News writer, posted an open letter to Gibson and Stephanopoulos on his blog. He wrote that the ABC newsmen spent too much time on trivial matters that didn’t concern most voters.

“By so badly botching arguably the most critical debate of such an important election, in a time of both war and economic misery, you disgraced the American voters, and in fact even disgraced democracy itself,” Bunch wrote.

Although I doubt the MSM is actually beginning to do its job and ask tough questions of candidates, even Democrat candidates, it would be a refreshing change if they [the MSM] actually probed candidates beliefs, acts, and records.  Because I gotta believe the MSM’s knees have to be giving out on them after all the time they’ve spent on their knees smoking Democrats’ dicks.



  1. Democrats are whining because not every question just let them sit around and trash Bush.

  2. Haha…”disgraced democracy”…I heard that on radio news while I was brushing fang this morning and I nearly swallowed my toothbrush. Disgraced democracy! Drama queen much?

    And, yes, I read the guy who was so upset he was shaking.

    Honestly, what would they do if a Democrat every got a real gotcha question, the kind they save special for Republicans? Like, who’s the president of Azerbaijan?

  3. …”disgraced democracy”… Yeah, I thought that was a sober and dispassionate overview of the entire debate. Uh, huh.

  4. Ben, I can see why the Democrats would be whining — they’re entitled.


  5. >President Barack should pull their Broadcasting License.

    KosKids= digital brownshirts.

  6. Hey, thanks for linky, cranky!

  7. Cuffy got a Crank-o-lanche!!!

  8. Ha ha ha, NiceDeb! Yeah, he’ll be needing new servers soon. Those two or three, or on a really good day, five hits can really tax someone’s capacity and bandwidth.


  9. *hires Nordic coyote*

    *brings in 12 illegal Swedish hot chicks*

    *shows up at Balance Sheet with 12 illegal Swedish hot chicks and a fat elderly woman with an axe tattooed on her face who’s just been released from prison for killing her boyfriend*

    CRANKY!!!!! Excellent post, my friend. Let’s have a few drinks!!

    *has a few drinks*

    *leaves with 12 illegal Swedish hot chicks*

  10. Cuffy got a Crank-o-lanche

    for some reason that sounds hot coming from a chick.

  11. Well DiT, now that you put it that way I’ll retire to my bunk to contemplate the awesomeness of NicePornDeb

  12. Rosetta, take that axe murderess with you too, dammit!

    *Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Gurgle, gurgle. Sphincter release.*

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