Posted by: cranky | April 10, 2008

White Racism

White men wear slacks.  Ergo, we are racists.

I think the word Rosetta was looking for was herpes.



  1. Cranky, I am tagging you with the “six word meme” and please don’t hate me for it. Hate Bmac – who did it to me. So I copied his comment.

    Rules here:

  2. I haven’t started this one yet. But I guess I got a two-fer deal since NiceDeb tagged me too. Tonight I promise.

  3. I don’t get the slacks comment.

    What does that mean? Is that an insult or something?

  4. You have to be smarter than the blog rosetta. which I always am of course…………read the links.

  5. Oh no you di’int!

    Admit it. You wear slacks.

    That was the first reference of slacks in the thread and it was directed to me but I don’t get it.

    And read the links?

    What the hell are you talking about? Do you know what the slacks comment is referring to?

  6. oh yeah, ok, well there’s an earlier link to slacks on ace’s but I dont’ know where. 😛

  7. White guys wear slacks. Other races wear pants. Something like that. Stuff White People Like kind of vein.

    My street cred-fu is low. I don’t know what the brothers wear to cover their lower extremities.

  8. Rosetta, try this at Ace’s.

  9. Well I wear culottes so everyone can kiss my black ass.

  10. LMAO!

  11. See? That’s why you’re good, cranky.

    Context, bee-yotches. Context.

    Just for that I have a gift for you. I think, from earlier posts here, that you have permawood for Jessica Simpson.

    She’s in the new Esquire. Momma……

  12. My, oh my! She looks damp. And cold.

    Wait a minute. Something moved. Bunk.

  13. She’s HAWT! like the fire of a million suns.

    Also dumb as a million boxes of a million hammers but so.

  14. HA!!!!!

    I just noticed something hilarious. Your blogroll includes the other Hostages. Hahahahaha.

    That site fucking RULES!!!™

  15. This is the cranky/rosetta comment forum isn’t it?

  16. Rosetta, did you invite her?

  17. You two get a room!

  18. I got my own room with Helen and Janet and your twin. Got a nasty three/four way going on [I’m losing count]. Can we have some privacy please?

    If you’d like to subscribe for our daily erotic, yet tasteful, photo shoots please sign up here.

  19. You two get a room!

    Yeah we’ll get a room. WITH A BUNCH OF FAT, TOOTHLESS, DRUNK HOOKERS!!!69!!©

    cranky will you please kill this thread?

  20. Thread Killer writes: This is DEAD.

    Or not.

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