Posted by: cranky | April 9, 2008

Cool Facts About Rosetta™

Well, I heard he is actually manbearpig as well as a lesbian.



  1. I stole™ the idea from bmac™.

  2. I have the &trade’ on bmac™

    Stole it back from PJ Momma

    This shit doesn’t get old™

  3. CRAP!™

  4. Cool Facts About Rosetta™©

    Here’s a couple:

    I kinda know how to skip rope.

    I can open most jars without assistance.

    Like real gangsta-ass niggas I can’t run fast.

  5. I got one.

    Rosetta starts shitty ganes.
    Yes ganes.

    *These multi-blog threads are a bitch!*

  6. Fucking thread tag.

  7. Tag thread fucking™

  8. Yourself fuck go.

    I’m about sick of the Olympic torch bullshit. This is NOT the biggest news story in the world.


  9. We should just burn the Olympic torch in the name of peace and friendship. And kill some people too.

    Where’s PJM? Out trademarked she?

    They’re asking about you and WP over at Ace’s.

  10. We should just burn the Olympic torch in the name of peace and friendship. And kill some people too.


    Also, Nice Deb stole your manbearpig at Hostages.

    Is someone lipping off at Ace?

  11. Something about manlesbian and gerbils.

  12. Haha.

    What thread?

  13., something like Rosetta and WickedPinto: The Case of the Missing Gerbils.

  14. There were no gerbil references you flaming metrosexual.

    *calls cranky’s house, hangs up when he answers*

    *repeats 855 times*

  15. FOR x=1










    DOWHILE x <=855



  16. Was that like math or something cranky?

  17. Cranky, this comment is off the topic of the post, but maybe you can provide an answer or where someone else has already crunched the numbers.

    All we hear from the Libs is their bitching about the cost of the War in Iraq. Do you, or does anyone, know what the cost – adjusted for inflation – of WW II would be today? Just wondering. Maybe an idea for a post for you? Lemme know, I will link to it.

    PS (I don’t do math unless I’m getting paid to do it, so that’s why I’m asking around and not doing this myself. My bad). 😉

  18. I’ll bet geoff knows the answer and already has charts.

    PJM, just a goof on some BASIC programming I barely remember and haven’t done in almost 20 years.

  19. I think there should have been an x following Next.


  20. This site claims that in 1990 dollars, the cost of WWII was $2.1 trillion.

    This article from SFGate claims that it was $5 trillion in current dollars.

  21. I think I’se been spam filtered.

  22. cranky doesn’t even have a spam filter, geoff.

    70% of his hits are spam.


  23. cranky doesn’t even have a spam filter, geoff.

    There’s a message now saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” So I guess I’ve been moderated, not filtered.

  24. Hahahaha. cranky doesn’t take kindly to smart people.

  25. cranky…………how do you do the r with the circle around it?

  26. I didn’t mean to steal manbearpig…honest!

    And now I’m tagging you.

    See here for the rules:

  27. PJM, I think it is & reg ; remove the spaces and you have®

  28. Why you giving away code secrets? That’s BULLSHIT!!!©

  29. Code secrets are ®? I did not know that.™

  30. Cranky and Geoff, THANKS for the WW II dollars/inflation info!!

  31. […] […]

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