Posted by: cranky | April 8, 2008

High Street in Montgomery, Alabama

Stormy afternoon of April 4th, 2008.  Finally we got some rain.



  1. How long have you lived in Alabama?

  2. I was transferred here in 1994. Retired from USAF in 1997 and stayed.

  3. How long were you in the Air Force? What did you fly?

  4. Twenty years. I last flew a LGMD-6.*

    I jumped out of Cessnas for fun. Pilots hate the idea of anyone jumping out of a “perfectly good airplane” — they freak out. Kind of funny. Used to love flying and got onto to every airplane or helicopter the AF would allow me onto but now I hate it.

    *Large Gray Metal Desk-6 Drawers

  5. LGMD-6

    HAHAHAHA!!!! That’s excellent.

    Thank you for serving our country and protecting my way of life, such that it is.

  6. I’ll tell you that it was a privilege to serve. I’ve been retired for almost 11 years and I miss the service and the people terribly.

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