Posted by: cranky | April 7, 2008

Obama’s Patriotism

AOL poll question:  Do you have any doubts about Barack Obama’s patriotism?  With 124,404 participants when I saw it.


Yes, a lot:  53%, 65,936

None at all: 34%, 42,549

Yes, a little: 13%, 15,919

So, two-thirds of responsdents have doubts about Obama’s patriotism. 

I’m one of those two-thirds.  I trust him to protect this country about to the same degree that his wife has always been proud of this country and that his pastor has never uttered a racist comment in his life.  I trust him as much as I’m certain Shepard Smith isn’t an overly dramatic Queen of Disaster Reporting.  In other words, I don’t trust him at all.



  1. Obama tries to portray this image that he is a “different politican.” He isnt – just the same with less experience.

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