Posted by: cranky | April 6, 2008

Pajamma Momma Shares Her Pron

PJM shares her Rosetta porn.

Only Rosetta knows how he/she employs this instrument




  1. Where’s the midget?

  2. PJM, what’s this about a midget?

  3. Well I agonized over telling you this cranky, but rosetta happens to have an obsession with midget/ottoman pron.

    I’m sorry I didn’t say anything, I was trying to protect your delicate sensibilities and for that I humbly apologize.

  4. OMG! No! Is his obsession now a reality show?

    Does he have a thing for guns too?

  5. Funniest thing ever in the history of time?

    Midget-on-ottoman porn.

  6. Thankfully, I missed that.

  7. Jeff!

  8. PattyAnn, is Jeff the name of the ottoman?

  9. Jeff!


    I love that bit.

    Here it will have the added bonus of confusing and potentially irritating cranky which is always fun.

  10. Alright, I’m really getting pissed now. Who the hell is Jeff?

  11. wiserbud made up a really retarded joke one time that made no sense and the punchline was jeff, ever since then we say jeff…….see? it’s so easy

  12. After Jeff became a stupid joke, it got mixed up with ottoman on some thread.

    Then mesablue created a retard blog called “Jeff Ottoman”.

    Let’s try to keep up, cranky.

  13. yeah, doy

  14. I commented over there. What kind of sicko would devote a blog to ottomans or jeff’s? Or midgets and ottomans. On the plus side I saw something about French strippers so it’s got that going for it.

    Less than three hours to go.

  15. What happens in three hours? Lemon party?

  16. No, in less than three hours Mira Sorvino works her magic on my ice cream cone.

  17. So you’re taking a bunch of Ambian and plan to be dreaming in three hours?


    Do you think you might hear about your job interview this week?

  18. Not sure about the timeline with the interview. A recruiter contacted me first and then arranged the interview. It would also be a temp to hire contract, essentially the employment version of the test drive.

    I’m just guessing by saying that they’ll try to get someone in place by the end of the month. The company’s budget cycle begins full bore in July so I suppose they’ll want to get someone up to speed before then.

    On the good news front I only have one more tax return to do. I hate tax returns. Have I mentioned I hate tax returns? No? Well, I fucking hate tax returns. Hate. them.

  19. Sorry, Cranky, for the late answer, but they’ve more or less filled you in on Jeff Ottoman. It was lame but it was all I had.

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