Posted by: cranky | April 4, 2008

Why I Don’t Watch Reality TV

“Miguel, I need you to butch it up a little more,” she tells him. “I need you to be very strong and masculine. I don’t care if you like girls, boys, giraffes or monkeys. I need you to man up.”

If the judge has to tell the contestant something like that then it is way, way too gay.  The guy, one of the four gay contestants, replied, “Did I look like a fag?”

I bet the jury didn’t spend a lot of time in deliberations over the answer to that question.

About 95 percent of TV just generally sucks anyway and the other 5 percent is merely awful.  I had no idea the general population has as many gays as there are appearing on TV.  Just mirroring the general population, right?  Gays — they’re everywhere.  NTTAWWT.



  1. Stay away from Bravo. And Logo. And A&E, and you should be OK.

    Also, you might want to avoid E!, MTV, Oxygen, and Lifetime.

    Oh, also NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, awww fuck it……….

  2. 500 channels and nothing on…

    Please football season hurry up and get here.

    can too edit comments.

  3. Nova(sometimes). History channel (sometimes). Discovery channel (sometimes). Fox news (sometimes). Sci-Fi channel (rarely).

    That’s it. There is not a daily or weekly show I watch regularly. it’s all crap, generally speaking, apparently aimed at a typical 11-year old intellect.

    I read a whole lot…

    And try to post porn daily.

  4. I’m reading a Zane Grey trilogy now. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by him before and I’m enjoying it. Last week I finished Rocket Boys [someone made a movie of it] — excellent book. Homer Hickam is a natural story teller. When he described his West Virginia coal town it was like he was writing about the coal towns where my grandfather grew up and near where I hunted in Pennsylvania.

    History Channel sometimes, Discovery, Fox News, college and pro football, AMC and Turner Classic Movies. Food Network sometimes and Outdoor Life — yeah, I’ll watch a fishing show. I know, I know. Like watching paint dry.

    I do watch NCIS and The Unit. Until they cancelled it I watched Jericho too.

  5. I used to watch American Chopper, but after a season or so it’s all the same drama. Paul Senior yells at Paul Jr., something doesn’t work on the bike, blah blah blah.

    The Military Channel has some good shows; historical, documentary, and reality.

  6. I wish I got the Military Channel. My cable company doesn’t carry it and that’s weird in that we have one large AF base and one smaller AF annex plus guard and reserve units all over the immediate area.

    AMC is showing The Magnificient Seven. The actors are too stone faced. It is considered a Western semi-classic so I’ve got the DVD but have never watched it.

    NASCAR race on Sunday so that is something else I will watch. But please football season hurry up and get here.

  7. Heh. Cranky, we are a pair. I also have The Magnificent Seven (bought in a bundle of “classic” westerns), and also have not yet watched it. But I think I saw it decades ago on cable or sumpin.

  8. yep, no TV for me. I just hang out at the blogs. 🙂

  9. Open Range has been on AMC this weekend along with Broken Trail. I really do like Robert Duvall and Costner’s love of the west shines through in Open Range. Me loves me some Westerns.

    Not too much TV for me unless it is a movie. Or football. Or NASCAR. Some of the news but even Fox is largely populated with idiots, Britt Hume, Neil Cavutto, and Wallace being the exceptions, and I won’t watch any of the other networks. ABC lost me on the first night of Desert Storm, CNN lost me with their lies, NBC was smug and condescending and infused with ridiculous political correctness and had Katie Couric, and CBS is filled with frauds and now has Katie Couric.

    Gotta do a tax return. Yuck!

    Hey PJM, how do you edit your sidebars to put in the Moron Blogger image? And do you have the code for the Moronosphere Blogroll. If you do please email it to me at rsdnt at yahoo dot com. Thanks.

  10. check your email cranky. all the smut photos of rosetta you requested should be there by now.

  11. I love myself
    I want you to love me
    When I’m feelin’ down
    I want you above me
    I search myself
    I want you to find me
    I forget myself
    I want you to remind me

    I don’t want anybody else
    When I think about you
    I touch myself

  12. Thanks PJM. We’ll get these posted ASAP as we agreed.

  13. And 99% of TV is crap.

    If it wasn’t for news, South Park, the Family Guy and Seinfeld re-runs I wouldn’t even own the idiot box.

  14. Post the one with the bullwhip in my ass.

    That’s my favorite.

  15. You watch those Marxists on Seinfeld? OMG!!!!!1!!! I can’t believe it.

    I’m watching Andy Griffith or Mayberry RFD right now before the race. Andy Griffith is smoking a cigarette. Can you believe it? Blonde I can’t place is playing the love interest. Kind of round face and large boobies. I’d hit it.

    They’re parking and get busted. Bet he had a case of the blue balls. Ouch.

  16. Sue Ann Langdon was the actress. Pretty woman. And hot. Hard to believe that episode was filmed 46 years ago.

  17. Good thing I can edit comments so I can fix my spelling error in #15.

  18. I love the Andy Griffith show. One of the all-time best.

    Despite the actors involved, Seinfeld remains the funniest show ever. I’ve seen some of the episodes 100 times but they still make me laugh.

    Much like when pajama momma falls down.

  19. ^ # 18: You’re mean. GLAR!

  20. Seinfeld is funny. I catch parts of it almost every night. Never could stand the Kramer character and I detest the actress who plays Elaine. She’s got a terrific pair of tits and that’s the only part of her that I liked.

  21. Never could stand the Kramer character

    You’re insane from all the jenkem sniffing!! Kramer is the funniest. But barely; the main characters are all hilarious.

    I agree that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a libtard dumbshit but Elaine was hawt.

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