Posted by: cranky | March 31, 2008

Search Terms

Loretta Lynn, crisco.

I don’t want to know.  TMI as it is.



  1. TMI?

  2. Too much information.

  3. Ah.

    Loretta Lynn, crisco.

    Coal Miner’s Larder.

  4. oh lmao!!!!! Thank you cranky!!!! I needed that laugh after the day I’ve had.

  5. Thanks for keeping it clean Rosetta. ‘Cause I was going with that weird Brando movie set in France with the butter but now set in Kentucky with Loretta playing cougar but too cheap to pony up the cash for some KY, jelly that is. I’ll have nightmares over that thought.

  6. sohos, I can’t begin to imagine the weird search terms that you must get hit with. I suppose a lot of them include the word ‘bigger’ with a possessive pronoun thrown in.


  7. More weirdness now.

    Recent search term: 27 super goats. That seems like a phrase that should point towards Rosetta or maybe even wiserbud.

  8. “Coal Miner’s Larder”

    27 super goats…27 super goats…
    You sure they weren’t looking for super delegates?

  9. PA — GLAR!

  10. You sure they weren’t looking for super delegates?

    HA!! I’m going with that. Good one, PA.

  11. cranky i need your input on my page

  12. Loretta Lynn + Crisco…some assembly required.

  13. Crap. Pupster points out it is mundane not weird. I was leaning towards weird.

    Sohos is looking for support of her theory that husbands that pull this stunt would probably be dead. I agree. Visit and opine.

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