Posted by: cranky | March 29, 2008

Ace Closes and Deletes Fitna Thread

Ace closed and deleted the Fitna thread he posted Friday.  Too bad.  I didn’t see the hate in the comments that he mentioned.  His blog his rules.  But I do wish he had given an example of what needed to be ratcheted down.
I made two comments in that thread.  One to ridicule erg with an “Allah Aktard” [thanks Rosetta for giving me something to steal] and another that is partially recreated below:
40 Didn’t see the hate in the comments, unless you’re talking about erg’s comments and the flames erupting from the gasoline erg threw on the fire.  Old ’60 saying ‘if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.’  If moderate Islam will not become part of the solution, then they are part of the problem.  I must be missing the massive “Not In My Name” protests by moderate Muslims directed at the radical Islamists that would indicate that moderate Muslims are part of the solution.

Posted by: cranky at March 29, 2008 11:30 AM (tWD2Q)

Some of the responses note the irony of deleting a post that took issue with Muslim efforts to silence speech they don’t agree with by silencing the speech of those who took issue with Muslim efforts to silence speech.  That’s some kind of yummy irony.

Again, his blog, his source of livelihood, and his rules.  I just didn’t see the hate.



  1. I was wondering what he meant by all the complaints he got.

    What does he mean?

    Who’s complaining?

  2. I haven’t been able to figure that out who complained . Some of heat generated was people responding to erg [who apparently is really going to be banned now]. Others I’m not sure what they said but a commenter named ricpic is now banned. Ace banned and then unbanned someone named docweasel, who I think I’ve crossed swords with before.

    Ace wants folks to realize that he sets the rules. Primarily I think he wants people to watch their tone. He wants an ‘R’ rated blog, not an ‘X’ rated blog.

  3. Yeah, I read through the thread before Ace whacked it, I didn’t see what the big deal was.

    I get the feeling he was more pissed off that he had to ‘work’ on his night off, and even though he didn’t address specific comments, he told everyone to ‘dial it back 3 notches’ to no avail.

    The entire text of his post was two words, if you recall. I’m not sure he was setting the tone for enlightened discourse.

  4. Was it an f-bomb he used to link to Pat Dollard? I’ll admit at Dollard’s site I commented that we have to inflict maximum pain on our enemy to either eradicate them or cause them to submit. It had to read as a rather bloodthirsty comment.

    When Ace’s post was deleted I was worried that maybe I had (big ego here) written something that was enormously cringe worthy but I didn’t remember doing anything like that. I also don’t remember anyone, other than Erg, writing anything hateful.

    Although I read Ace’s blog religiously I find myself less and less likely to comment on a post. Things seem to have gotten more tense and much less light hearted there. Unlike Amish, I don’t think the blog sucks but it has gotten to the point where a lot of commenters have pretty tight asses about a lot of subjects.

  5. Yeah…under the headline were the hot-linked words:

    Fuck you

    That was it. I realize it was an homage to Pat Dollard’s first Young Americans trailer/music video (fuck you was the chorus) but, not exactly an invite to discuss the issue in a rational manner.

    I think Ace has been getting emails telling him his comment section is ‘out of control’, and ‘I don’t link/ping/read anymore because…’ so he felt the need to wade into moron central and kick ass.

    I didn’t see anything in that thread that was over the line, there did seem to be some red on red bullshit, along with eggmcmuffin showing his sad ass, but still a pretty typical thread.

  6. I don’t spend much time at Ace’s anymore. The tone of the blog has changed a lot over the past couple of years. So I rarely comment unless somebody (usually Malor) says something I disagree with.

    As far as the Fitna post, an additional irony is:

    Wasn’t it Ace himself who called for nuking the Middle East a couple of years ago?

  7. Wait a minute! Someone doesn’t agree with Malor? I read most of his posts, unless he drops down into some legal minutia whereupon he loses me. Gabriel seems an idealist who has somehow managed to avoid the hammer of reality hitting him on the thumb.

    But the whole thread was not that over the line in my opinion and I didn’t see what Ace was complaining about. So how does someone ratchet down a tone that doesn’t seem to be there. So I was very surprised to see it yanked.

    I no longer read Free Republic and rarely look at LGF anymore because the comments all seemed to be of the variety of kill them all when it came to discussions of Muslims and radical Islam. They became huge echo chambers — great places to vent your anger but once you and everyone else have vented there isn’t much left but probably embarrassed silence. I’m not getting that impression from the discussions at Ace’s.

    It can be deadly serious and angry and someone will lighten the mood with some serious funny and you move on to the next subject. Nowadays there seems to be a new crew of primary commenters and I just don’t have the urge to stay, read, and make my moronic contribution.

    Pupster, one of my brothers or sisters sent me a birthday card once that has become your newest avatar. Reminds me of a scene in Married With Children of Kelly trying to go out the door. Uhm! Kelly Bundy. Bunk.

  8. Ever since I started my own blog, I just don’t seem to get to Ace’s much anymore, plus I just don’t have time to read through all those long ass threads, and there’s a lot of new people over there I don’t know.

    I’ve been spending more of my time on moron blogs like this one 🙂 and supporting other morons.

    But if he wants to ban people, I have no prob with that.
    Anyone who thinks any blog is a democracy is a retard.

  9. Roger that a blog is not a democracy thought. So, how you doing today moron?

    I’m still hitting Ace’s blog several times a day, although for shorter and shorter durations. Not so much for the posts as the comments. Lots of new people I don’t recognize and more so came out of the woodwork with this post echoing Ace’s thoughts. Yet I don’t remember them commenting before. If the comments and the tone was offensive to these folks they should have had the balls to say so in the thread.

    I’m kind of an equal opportunity offender. I make no excuses for folks based on their race, creed, color, religion, or country of origin. If their behavior is that of an asshole and they act like an asshole then they are an asshole and I’m free to mock, ridicule, and think poorly of them.

    Where I have an internal drawing of a line I hesitate to cross is calling for the killing of groups of people. I don’t advocate the death of all Muslims but I do call for the death of all radical Islamists. And I’m not above calling for turning Mecca into molten glass and blaming global warming if radical Islam and its adherents successfully mount a WMD attack on America or our allies.

  10. I still find Ace’s blog to be amusing and informative. Ace is a gifted writer, and I appreciate that.

  11. You’re right, NiceDeb. I love the humor I can find there, both the posts and the comments. Even the very serious subjects are treated to a touch of humor. I think we’d go crazy if we took everything too seriously — we’d become liberals.

  12. Ditto Deb. He is the blogfather.

  13. Ace is a gifted writer, and I appreciate that.

    When he writes.

    He’s had a resurgence of late, but for a while (months) it didn’t seem like he was posting much. And in my opinion, his newer guest bloggers haven’t really fit his style very well. Overall, the blog reads like a community posting blog, rather than the old AoSHQ.

    I’d prefer 80% Ace and 20% guests, like it used to be. It’s my impression that most days Ace runs between 40 and 60%, and that’s an improvement over what it was several months ago.

    There’s also the content issue. Unless he cribs news from Hot Air, the posts at AoSHQ are generally 1-2 days behind the news (it’s gotten worse since the days of Dave@GR saying “it’s old”). So unless there’s a particularly amusing or insightful take on a given newspiece, there’s no point in putting up a post that repeats what everybody else has already said. What you end up with is too many posts per day, most of which are redundant.

    For people who don’t read much news or many blogs, that’s probably not an issue. But for the more informed commenters, it really reduces the desire to visit.

    And don’t get me started on the Recent Comments sidebar…

  14. Recent Comments? Has that thing updated yet this month?

  15. I didn’t get a chance to read the comment thread in question but like others have noted here I spend a lot less time over there. I agree that the group blogging has diminished the quality of the site.

  16. Hey look! My avatar thing showed up and I’m not even logged in! How did that happen?

  17. And how come it doesn’t show up in the comments? Inquiring minds want to know!

  18. Brew, that is weird. Cause it shows up in the Recent Comments thing but not in the comments. Ghost in the machine I guess.

  19. Wow! I missed cranky stirring up a shit storm? Damn!

    I find this thread interesting because I am 100% on board with the sentiments expressed here.

    AoSHQ was basically my introduction to blogs a couple of years ago. His was the first place I ever commented and how I met all of you jackoffs.

    Early on, spending an hour in a comment joke-fest there was the funniest hour of my day. But once the tech problems started I busied myself with other stuff for a few months. It became too frustrating.

    When I came back into the fold 6 months ago, it was way different. Different tone, different people, different posters.

    It sad like when your favorite restaurant changes menus. Same place but not the same taste.

    That’s why I like hanging out at Cranky’s House of Balance Sheets, Food Pics and Sockpuppets.

  20. Food pics? Food!!!!!!!!! Where?


    *villagers run for their lives*

  21. Out of my way bitch!

    *elbows Rosie O. away from the all-you-can-eat buffet*

    *villagers and village crushed*

  22. That “Thanks, Nancy” thread back in 2006 was hilarious. So was the movie title thing I can’t remember much about.

  23. It Takes a Village.

  24. To feed Rosie O. or pajamma momma? Or both?

  25. The 2008 Worst Comment Award goes to….

    “So was the movie title thing I can’t remember much about.”

  26. I’d like to thank the Academy. My producer and director and especially my writers. And all the little people who made this award possible.

    You like me. You really lke me.


  27. That “Thanks, Nancy” thread back in 2006 was hilarious.

    Yeah, that was great. I spent quite a bit of time that evening trying to help keep the thread going. It was an effort that was more than rewarded.

    Dang those folk can be funny.

    Which was the thread with DinTX’s infamous “Monkey Airport” post?

  28. Hey I saw that cranky! don’t think I didn’t notice that mister man!

    And as far as Ace goes.

    I think he’s tired. And sometimes when we’re tired we don’t always handle things the way we’d like to.

  29. Rosetta bite me on the Worst Comment Award. I’m awake now so I can clearly discern the snark while I could not make that out last night since I was overcome by emotion and I was tired too.

    You can’t search Ace’s site for the thread. But the premise was along the lines of Rosetta stars in Rosetta Does Dallas, Part III. Now there’s an idea for a Hostages thread.

    You’re welcome.

    *waves at PJM*

    I think the ‘Thanks, Nancy” thread ran to over 1,400 comments. I laughed so much it hurt.

  30. hi cranky!

    anyone have a linky to the Thanks, Nancy thread?
    I need to laugh so much it hurts

  31. This is the link to lauraw’s judgment post on the Thanks, Nancy thread. and here’s the original thread.

  32. Rosetta bite me on the Worst Comment Award.


    One of the funniest Ace threads ever was the one with all the Steven Seagal movie titles.

    Steven Seagal is….On a Diet.

    Hahahaha! I shed many tears on that puppy.

  33. PJM, this is one

    1085 We can fly!

    Posted by: Pigs at November 09, 2006 09:55 PM (8F+iI)

    Awww, crap. That’s what it was Steven Segal is … freaking hilarious stuff. Made me cry too. Thanks.

  34. geoff had it first. His comment went to the spam bucket and I”ve pulled it out. Hilarious stuff.

  35. Steven Seagal in a bunch of movies and a bunch more and it turned into a contest with winners.


    7 Steven Seagal is…Burying A Hobo

    Posted by: EC at January 17, 2007 04:46 PM (mAhn3)

  36. Thanks guys.

  37. I’d think that there must be a cache(d) version of the page somewhere on Google or other various engines. I checked the Wayback Machine and they didn’t have it, though.

    Wayback Machine:

    nice little resource, FYI for those who may not be familiar with it.

  38. …and Ace declares an Open Blog again.

    I’m not sure I understand his strategic positioning here – trying to make a living off a blog that you don’t write for is clever, but not likely to be successful.

    Maybe he’s converting to the Atrios format, where it’ll be just a series of Open Threads.

    …and ads.

  39. Ace did acknowledge he overreacted. I read most stuff Dave in Texas, lauraw, Drew M., and Purple Avenger, and, of course, Ace writes. The others not so much. The comments seem to now be dominated by a new crew who are not as funny as the old crew.

    As the election comes more near maybe the old commenters will return to comment more and, at least to me, it will be more fun to read.

  40. I have a good idea. Ace should do a reunion thread. He should announce it a week before it happens so people that only occasionally check in (like me) could find out about it.

    It would be great to get most of the old crew on a thread.

    Good times.

  41. Could you imagine another thread like “Thanks, Nancy” or “Steven Seagal in …”? Or a compos mentis’ what I had for breakfast and/or lunch is now having a violent agrument in my digestive tract type comment.

    I just can’t see the new bunch making the quality comments that made me laugh so hard it hurt. Nothing wrong with the new bunch, they’re just different. I believe I’ve met almost all the people I know online through some post at Ace’s blog.

    I think geoff may be too polite to say it, but perhaps Ace has been phoning it in lately.

  42. I’ve thought that for awhile. The moment he opened the door to guest posters, several of whom I like, that changed things rather dramatically.

    It was better when it was just him even when when he would go a day without posting anything new. Now there are 20 or 30 new posts in a day from a dozen people and that’s just not as good in my opinion.

    Plus AoSHQ has taken on a more serious tone as it has gotten more recognition. I know there is still a lot of funny crap but it just feels different; like things are being taken too seriously now.

    Eh. The world changes and we change with it.

  43. Eh. The world changes and we change with it.

    There ya go. No real complaints on my part, it is just different. I probably started reading PowerLine first, then found Rachel Lucas, Ace, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and Knowledge is Power. Those are the places I visited daily. Now it is down to Ace daily and the others every couple of days. Maybe I need to change up, but hanging around Ace’s was like hanging out with buddies. Now it is like the boss started showing up and hanging around and that ain’t cool.

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