Posted by: cranky | March 27, 2008

Breaking News! — Gretchen Carlson!!1!!1

She’s still on Fox and Friends.  She was on this morning.

Stupidity ensued.

God bless her but she’s dumb.

Here’s a naked blond, well, hypothetically she’s blond, courtesy of Steamboat McGoo.  I bet she’s just as smart as Gretchen.



  1. Dude, she came back a week ago. I know you’re relieved.

    The search for Page Hopkins continues, though. The National Guard is bringing in helicopters equipped with thermal imaging gear.

    We gotta find Page!! WHO’S WITH ME?! YAAAAHHHHhhh…

  2. Paige might be the most reliably conservative babe on a network of babes. If only they had managed to hold onto Kiran Chetry.

    I’m with you. We gotta find her. If we’re lucky we’ll catch her coming out of the shower — wet and naked!

  3. Now you’re sounding like a typical white person.

  4. Page Hopkins Action Video

  5. What if Gretchen and Shep had a kid?

  6. The kid would be an arrogant dumbass. Or, as they’re more commonly known — a Democrat.

  7. Plus he would be 4 foot tall.


  8. IOW, Bill Maher?

  9. Cranky you have a score 13.8% on the Cuss meter.

    Congratulations, that’s higher than Ace.

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