Posted by: cranky | March 26, 2008

“…this is filth.”

Ali, a youth of undeterminate religious affiliation, perhaps the Religion of Peace™ writes:

this site is a disgrace. it should be shut down immediately. this is filth.

I must be doing something right.

Two days ago we had White Trash — great name for a punk band, huh? — saying I was a racist and now Ali from the University of Dundee taking a piss on William Wallace and his cry for freedom by demanding that my freedom of speech be taken away from me.

Hey Ali, fuck you, you camel humper and blower of goats.



  1. Cranky, LOL!

    You are Awesome!

  2. I liked ali better when she was with Steve McQueen.

  3. She turned into a bitter bitch, huh?

  4. She did? Man, I hate it when that happens.

  5. I’m just making shit up.

    But McQueen was cool. What was the name of the movie he was in with Jacqueline Bissett?

    In case you’ve forgotten who Bissett is, she was in some movie where she wore a white t-shirt while scuba diving. The shot of that scene became the poster for the movie minus the water temperature indicators. I fondly remember that it left very little to the imagination and that she was sporting some spectacular and natural boobage.

  6. I think the Jacqueline Bissett and Steve McQueen movie may have be Bullitt.

    The movie with the wet t-shirt scene was The Deep and I remember that scene well.

    I remember seeing that and thinking that I needed a bunk or something.

  7. Way to go with “rat hair”, or whatever his/her/its name is!

  8. I saw that movie and thought that water must be kinda cold. I also remember some discomfort in the groinal region.

  9. And yeah, she appeared with Steve ‘Cool’ McQueen in Bullitt, that awesome film which has the most poignant and tragic moment in movie history: the wrecking of a Dodge Charger R/T 440 Magnum.

  10. Gibby, that the one that went into the gas pumps, right? I always wanted a ’67 Fastback Mustang. The older brother of a junior high school friend of mine had one and it was freaking awesome.

    But I’d take a GTO in a heartbeat.

  11. Right. And in this foreigner’s opinion, it (the ’68 R/T 440 Magnum) was the finest piece of muscle to ever roll out of Detroit.

    The guy who drives that Charger, Bill Hickman, is both the actor on screen and the stuntdriver. He played FBI agent Mulderig in The French Connection and drove that movie’s car chase. The guy was a legend.

  12. I saw some, I think they were 1965 model years, Pontiac GTOs advertised in the Wall Street Journal for sale. Asking price was $65,000. I just can’t imagine that.

    I wonder what one of the Mustangs used in Bullit would fetch.

  13. Here’s an R/T 440 on eBay Motors:

    It’s at $48,100.00 with 12 hours to go.

    Not sure about the Highland Green GT-390 Fastback, since it was heavily modified for the film and is a cult icon the world over.

    In both cases, it’d probably be cheaper to buy a current-era Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang.

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