Posted by: cranky | March 26, 2008

The New McCarthyism — Only Racists Don’t Vote for Obama

At least that is Andrew Greeley’s premise at the Chicago Sun Times.

And if you fuck up and are exposed on YouTube, you’ll pay the price especially if you’re black.

To return from the future, many of the gloating members of the commentariat have appointed themselves to be the jury to determine whether Obama was guilty or not guilty of a major “gaffe” that cost him the election.

The majority seems to have found him guilty. In fact, the only thing of which he is guilty is that he is black. Worse still, he is a pushy black. My teacher in the future used the wrong word. Obama was lynched.

Mr. Greeley, if you vote for a candidate based soley on the candidate’s race, isn’t that vote evidence of the voter’s racism too?  Are you a racist Mr. Greeley?



  1. Greely is wrong when he writes Worse still, he is a pushy black.

    Instead of “pushy” he should have used “uppity.”

    My bad… 😉

  2. No you didnt!


    He probably wanted to but there are some lines even race mongering liberals won’t cross.

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