Posted by: cranky | March 23, 2008

Muslim Riots Scheduled to Begin in ten, nine, eight…

A non-practising Muslim converted to Roman Catholicism and was baptized by Pope Benedict at the Vatican Easter service.

Magdi Allam, an Egyptian-born, non-practicing Muslim who is married to a Roman Catholic, has infuriated some Muslims with his books and columns in the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, where he is a deputy editor.

Fatwa to be issued by the Religion of Peace™ against the apostate momentarily with calls for Death to America, Death to Israel, and Death to the Pope to follow shortly thereafter.  The chance of riots today is predicted to be 60 percent, rising to near 100 percent by tomorrow.  Burning of cars in France is expected to increase as well following the baptism.

When asked to comment, Islamic Rage Boy Islamic Rage Boy had this to say:

Allah Aktard!  Death to EVERYONE!

[Image stolen from Nice Deb]



  1. And this, along with the Danish cartoons, Gaza, Chechnya, OBL really being stitched up by Israel and made to look bad (while simultenaously being well pleased he done it), will get them out on the streets and if that doesn’t work then there’s always Kashmir. It’s sick, as a Pakistani apostate, i already been there and if I ever publish my novels i will have to flee for my life. Great. What’s just as bad is the west selling those who want to stand up out in the name of ‘understanding’. Well, this policy has a more appropriate name, it’s called appeasement and just like the Czechs got sold out in 1938, progressive Muslim and ex Muslim women are getting betrayed right now. I’m no christian, I’m an apostate but I hope this Egyptian convert gets the support he deserves.\

  2. Well said. I wrote that in a joking manner hoping it will not become true. While I believe in God I also believe others are free to believe as they wish, or to not believe.

    I do not have the right as a believer in God, to kill or harm, those whose belief in God follows a different faith, or those who do not believe in God at all. I do not believe God has ordained one faith with the right to kill non-believers in His name.

    I hope your dreams come true and that you are not punished or placed in fear for your life because of what you write.

  3. Um, I know this is off-topic, but HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!

  4. Happy Easter to you and yours! I had eggs but they were in an omelet.

  5. Damn sock puppets are everywhere.

  6. Who’s this mysterious Kyle?

    Happy Easter, Cranky.

  7. Kyle is the South Park sock puppet who has been stalking me.

  8. I wonder if Islamic Rage Boy shaves his scraggly beard for charity?
    Terry Wogan: ‘Ah, hello young man, I see you have a large, cardboard cheque there.’
    Islamic Rage Boy: ‘Yes Terry Wogan. I got my colleagues to sponsor me to shave my beard off. Death to the West!’
    And so on.

  9. Oh wow, yet another stupid racist white blogger with nothing but rubbish to post, and a Bush supporter no less.
    So much for evolution.

  10. Who you calling white, White trash? Can you read and take meaning from what you read? Exactly what race, you know, Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid, Aboriginal, etc., am I holding in low esteem and posting ‘rubbish’ about because of their race?

    Very British of you to use the word ‘rubbish’ with an AOL email address and an IP in Chicago. How’s life in your mom’s basement?

    I am a Bush supporter? Really? News to me, hemorrhoid.

    Terrific non-sequitur on evolution. You know, life is hard. It is harder when you are stupid. It must be unbearably hard for you.

  11. I found your link on WordPress’ front page and came by to check out your blog.

    Great post.

    Magnificent comeback in response to White trash. 😉

  12. Thanks velvethammer. My guess is that White trash is about 14 and suffering from a near fatal case of acne and depressed over the knowledge that no woman will ever voluntarily allow him to touch her.

    And unlike Eliot Spitzer, White trash is unlikely to ever have the disposable income to even afford a 60 year old crack whore, much less a 2232 year old $4,000 a pop hooker.

  13. Cranky, you cracker!

  14. Yep, Nicedeb, I gots me a pickup truck, couple huntin dogs, and a gun rack. Lynyrd rules.

    And I just had some corn bread. So I guess I am a cracker.

    Where’s all the white women at?

  15. LMAO I get a kick out of you!

    You may be a cracker. But I think your are a crackerjack!

  16. Ladies, you are too kind. I am humbled by your kind words and blush at your compliments.


  17. Why the human still have trouble with religion
    they don’t know if the God don’t have religion

  18. I don’t understand what you mean baliazura.

  19. Who’s the fuckwit in #9?

  20. You left out Redneck Cranky.
    Redneck Cracker Honkey Republican. 🙂

  21. bmac, redneck almost kind of goes without saying. 😛

  22. Right, Republican= Redneck.
    I keep forgetting that.
    *slapping forehead*

  23. DiT, # 9 is some pimple who lives in his mom’s basement.

  24. *pokes cranky with stick*


    *hits cranky with rock*


    Post something new or I’ll cut your daily morphine dosage in half.

  25. I’m on codeine, not morphine. And I only have one left.

    There’s a Jason over at Rachel Lucas posting stuff about how other honkies are racist because honkies form opinions about thugs based on the thuggish clothes thugs wear.

  26. That was an interesting thread, cranky.

    I threw a hand grenade Jason’s way.

  27. I saw –Bravo! Jason is filled with white-guilt. Not sure what he is supposed to feel guilty about but he’s guilty. And if he’s guilty so are we.

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