Posted by: cranky | March 19, 2008

Obama — Kill Whitey!

Why was Trent Lott removed from his Republican Senate leadership post and forced to apologize because he said nice things about Strom Thurmond but Obama is somehow immune from any taint because of the hate-whitey hate-America preacher who married him and baptized his daughters?

Why hasn’t Obama been forced to apologize for the comments of the white-hating Jeremiah Wright.

And why have all the YouTube videos of Obama’s embarrassing pastor been removed?  Is someone afraid linking Obama and his clearly racist and American-hating church pastor, a church Obama has belonged to for more than 20 years, causing damage to his presidential aspirations?

UPDATE:  I almost forgot that Cuffy Meigs has this alternate take on Obama



  1. Trent Lott was removed because the “politically-correct zealots” were at work. They work off of extreme & pointless, yet audience pacifying action and not “discussion” or real “change”.
    It’s time to stop firing people because of their associations and feelings and time to get to the bottom of the real issue that brings ’em up in the first place.

    Your associations to possibly ignorant people don’t make you who you are in it’s entirety, just like your possibly ignorant friends are not who they are solely on their possibly ignorant actions or words.

    It’s time for us to stop being hypocritical on all sides.

    Barack has opened the door for us to take a more honest look at these types of things. Firing anyone at this point will only add to the already “NON-WORKING” dump of past martyr-like actions.

  2. Cranky, MSM is in the tank for DemocRAT party. But you knew that.

    Answers all questions.

    Hey look- you got an Obamatroll!

  3. Obama is more of an ‘it’s someone else’s fault I’m as fucked up as I am’ doctor of victimology. People like him keep the people they profess to be interested in helping down in order to maintain their power. They sure aren’t working to put themselves out of a job.

    Once again, Obama makes a nice sounding speech and doesn’t say anything. In his own words ‘I’m not ready to be President.”

    I’d agree that questionable associations between people shouldn’t be a reason for dismissal. However, Obama has been dishonest and evasive about what he heard — he lacks integrity. If he wouldn’t appear on Imus’ radio show after Imus’ stupid remarks, why has he repeatedly gone back to that church and heard those sermons from that racist hateful preacher if he didn’t, in fact, agree with the sermons?

  4. “Why hasn’t Obama been forced to apologize for the comments (made by) Jeremiah Wright.”

    I would like to personally apologize for these comments made by “cranky”Obama even though I had absolutely nothing to do with his dumbass making them…


  5. He does not appologise because he is also racist. Read his book about growing up with his father. He reveals a lot of his true heart there in direct quotes. He is also nothing more than a puppet for the globalist elite cabal that aims to gradually transition the world into single government communist inspired caste system. Puppets only get to say and do what they are told until they have served their purpose anyway. So no real appologies for anything any time soon I’d imagine. If he is assassinated or an attempt is made to do so I am willing to bet that it will be for the sole purpose of pushing more gun controll and demonizing a specific group of dissenters. Probably both. In short…America is in for a real shit storm if the average man doesn’t wake up, become envolved in things, and reclaim his constitutional rights. Men need to be men again…not politically correct, limp-wristed, weaklings who have no vision and/or at least some grass-roots useful skill. America has become the nation of destracted opiated drones simply living to keep the “machine” running. If we were still a reasoning people Obama never would have been allowed to run for office in the first place, and he certainly wouldn’t have been elected. He probably would have been investigated and deported. People should have seen past his wishy-washy empty words. People should have noticed long ago what some are trying to turn this nation into and put a stop to it. Where is the America that had hope and stood for something good? Where is the nation my Grandfather told me about and loved? Where is the sovereign nation built on brotherhood, ingenuity, blood, sweat, and tears? Is it already dead or in the process of dying? Did it ever really exist?

  6. What a bunch of racist fucking nut cases

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