Posted by: cranky | March 18, 2008

Gretchen Carlson, Dumb Blond, Not Fired by Fox

Sadly, on Fox and Friends this morning they announced Gretchen ‘One-Eye’ Carlson would return from vacation on Wednesday morning.  I was hoping she had been shit canned but no such luck.

An awful lot of Google searches landing here looking for the down-low on Gretchen.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but she’s back.



  1. I think Paige Hopkins has gone missing too. She would be a real loss.

  2. Page is on vacation, according to TVNewser. I knew you would want to know.

    And Gretchen looks really tan now.

  3. Gretchen looks weird. Scandi’s don’t handle the sun well.

  4. Love FNC. Can’t watch Carlson. She is horrible. God help her, horrible.

    She — on air — had to pull out a calculator to see if 2012 was divisible by 100 … and she still couldn’t figure it out. She was trying to explain that leap year doesn’t necessarily occur every 4 years. Doocy’s look was priceless.

    My suggestion: send her to MSNBC. In this one move, the average intelligence of both new agencies will be raised.

    • When I turn on fox & friends & see gretchen’s face I turn it off. Get rid of the bimbo. However watch alisyn on weekends always

  5. That’s brilliant Annonymous! 😛

    I’m staying away from TV except for sports, old movies, and the weather for now. The more I watch regular TV the dumber I become and I’m not sure the process is reversible. But if I’m gonna watch the news, then I watch FoxNews.

  6. You and Anonymous might be related.

    There’s a winged-dingleberry-avatar resemblance.

  7. I think the resemblance is the hair. And the dingles, of course.

  8. I can’t stand Carlson. I hate her condesending method of reading the news to her “Children”. I wish they’s dump her. I find myself flipping to CNN whenever GC appears.

  9. It is sooo sad you spend your prescious time bashing Gretchen Carlson. Gretchen Carlson is an excellent journalist who happens to say it like it is during the morning show.

    So what if she cant do math while on the spot in front of the cameras. Could you?

    Let’s focus people. Go after Keith Olbermann. There is plenty of strange to blog about there.

    • She isn’t an excellent journalist, she simply tells you what everyone else knew six months ago and claims she discovered that the sky is blue. She is every bit as narcissistic as Obama. They had to replace her prompter because I, Me, My were burned into the screen. She can’t spell Mississippi, she gets to the first I and starts stuttering. Worst of all, she pissed off her cohosts by commandeering humorous topics and turning them dour. Good riddance!

  10. Gretchen Carlson is a class act. Very smart and beautiful. All of you sound a bit jealous. Sorry, she wins, you lose. Can’t wait for her to return. We miss her.

  11. It was a great two weeks on Fox and Friends when Gretchen was gone. She’s such an airhead. She’s loud, yaks too much, interrupts people during her interviews, and tries to inject herself into every subject. I can’t wait until they fire her.

  12. I’ll take Gretchen Carlson over the other female newscasters any day. She’s great eye-candy and she’s a seasoned pro. I’m glad she’s back from vacation.


  13. Gretchen Carlson is the worst! She’s the worst kind of dumb blonde… the type that actually thinks she’s smart. I’m sure the only reason why she has this job is due to some connections her husband has.

    I’m a bit of a news junkie, and I’ve observed a lot of female journalists, and I’ve never seen someone as obnoxious as Gretchen Carlson. She interrupts and talks over everyone, including her co-hosts. Her condescending tone with everyone is so irritating!

    I look forward to the days when she’s on vacation or sick, which fortunately seems to be often… then I can enjoy the best cable news network, but with a quality female co-host!

    Fox News has so many great female television journalists… WHY DO THEY KEEP THIS BUFOON on the air?

    I ask, who do we complain to, in order to get rid of Gretchen Carlson????

  14. Word is Gretchen Carlson is not long for Fox News. Her gaffe on the morning show about Social Security being bankrupt and her recent working behind closed doors to get Ed Hill fired crossed the line as far as Murdoch was concerned. Look for Elisabeth Hasselbeck to be offered the position.

  15. Walt D, I’ve sent numerous emails to Fox and Friends complaining about Gretchen. You describe her to a “T”. She is horrible. Write to Fox and Friends and let them know how you feel about her. The more they hear from people like us the better our chances are of her being outta there.

  16. Slogan of the morning:
    I would watch and have more fun
    If you would only switch “The Gretch” with Alisyn.

    She’s totally anal, transparent and fake with that “Mary Hart” pretentiousness. She’s got to go.
    You can tell her co-host can’t stand her.

  17. I can’t watch Fox & Friends anymore until they get rid of Gretchen. She cheapens the show. Everyday she pulls her skirts a lilttle higher. How ridiculous!

  18. What is it going to take to get rid of Gretchen. I think any day she will hike her skirt above her waist. She is one of the most unprofessional people on TV. Shame on Fox for having her.

  19. To all you detractors who wrote negative comments about Gretchen Carlson, Fox News obviously doesn’t feel the same way you do about her. After all, she’s still around. I think Fox News is going to keep her around for a long time to come. And I, for one, have no problem with that. Because I enjoy watching her every morning. 😉

  20. This dumb broad is nothing but a well kept poodle occupying space on the set…nice hair doo!

  21. look at the LIBERAL VITRIOL AND HATE toward the Real Americans at Fox

    good job, Gretchen, keep pissing off the liberals while they defend the obozo

    • Yeah, lay off her. Only becuz U aint there. Never mind the amount of exposure will you or can handle? Furgetabouttit! You would not even know the first of what is what? Nor, who is the last to be the first. Ignorance goes beyond the centuries!

  22. Yep. It is those liberal ‘bleeding hearts’ who sympathizes with terrorists that are dragging this country down the toilet.

    Gretchen and company at Fox News tell it like it is. Yes, keep pissing the liberals off. They’re bad for the country. 😉

    • who are u to know? Ever serve your country? No matter the preogatives? Or just P out and talk but no walk!!

  23. And by the way, the ditsy democrats want to provide free health care for illegal immigrants. What a bunch of a**holes! How pathetic can you get?!

    The dems need to be kicked out here along with the illegals.

    Fox News will expose these clowns better than anyone else.

    • I agree the d republican under the spell of a wannabe turn a delicate relation into a major disaster that effected all of us in almost every dimension of our freedom, downgraded by the elite for republicans. I bet Reagan may rise up to take charge again in another wiser and mature form, only if these current reps know when to let go and stop jacking off!

  24. Oh well, that’s the way it goes. Why is it all the best looking women are conservatives, movie stars excepted. They have Megyn, Martha, Gretchen, etal… We have Hilary, Elena… Oh God, I think I am going to be sick.

  25. All you nay sayers are ridiculous. Reading this thread is very telling. Harley acts as tho him and Murdoch are buddies. Pathetic. She’s good, and she’s staying. It’s been two years since your “inside scoop” was revealed. Guess what, thankfully you’re wrong. LOL.

    Go watch NPR. Oh wait, you can’t. They’re getting defunded. How sad for the liberals.

  26. I know this is an old post but this woman is still terrible!! She is overbearing, loud, overly aggressive, overly opinionated, marginally intelligent and has absolutely no chemistry with her co-hosts Steve and Brian. I have been a FOX follower since the beginning and they really have a great lineup. However, this woman is the worst! I used to love Fox and Friends and still do but only when Alisyn Camerota or one of the other fine females sits in.
    I can’t believe that Fox executives can see the complete lack of chemistry between Carlson and others.
    Send he on her way. She is absolutely the weakest link in the Fox lineup.

  27. My wife and I just spent over a week with Gretchen and her husband on a Cruise………..She is the loveliest, most intelligent, most gracious individual that we have ever spent time with……….Her backround is impeccable and If you took the time to
    look up or google her accomplishments you would be amazed that at all she has done in her life………Her husband and she are the perfect power couple. Nuff Said.

    • @M&Miller

      Did ya have to write this comment and have a peasant like me read it and make my heart ache even more?! I’ve always envied Gretchen Carlson’s husband, Casey Close, because he’s married to such a gorgeous and wonderful woman. I feel even more heartaches after reading your comment. Thanks a lot.

      • Watched FOX and Friends this morning and it was wonderful seeing the chemistry that Alisyn Camerota brings back to the show. There was no squealing, stepping on Steve and Brian’s comments, overbearing opinions and annoying laugh that Carlson forces us to bear each morning. I am sure that she is intelligent, a wonderful lady and has a fine family. I just find her hosting mannerisms grating and feel that her presence diminishes rather than adds to the show. Sorry but I know that I am not alone in feeling this way.

  28. Sorry to see she’s back, I was hoping she was gone for good. I can’t stand here and her arrogant attitude!

    • Boy, do I agree with you. When I saw her this morning, my heart sank. How much better the show is with the other intelligent, attractive and pleasant women.
      Again, nothing personal against the lady but as a host, compared to Alisyn, Ainsley, and all the rest, she is absolutely the worst! Boy, do I hope another network takes her….and the sooner the better.

  29. you are so wrong ….She was the recipient of the prestigious American Women in Radio and Television “Best Series” award for her 30-part series on domestic violence. She also won two National Emmy awards for her work at CBS News. In 1989, before beginning her career in television, she was the first classical violinist to be crowned Miss America.

    Carlson graduated with honors from Stanford University and also studied at Oxford University in England. She is a national celebrity spokesperson for the March of Dimes, serves on the Miss America Organization Board and continues to be an advocate of the arts.

    • Dear rialro,
      Wrong about what? I never said she was not educated or intelligent. I just find her style abrasive. This is strictly a matter of taste. Again, I am absolutely not disparaging her personally. She may be the most wonderful person on the face of the earth. I just don’t like her style on Fox and Fiends compared to other hosts like Alisyn, Ainsley, Anna, et al. Of all of the fine and qualified hosts on Fox, both male and female, I find her just not to be a good fit for the show. Apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way.

  30. I wish Fox would dump Gretchen Carlson. She is the worst newsperson on on the air. She is really typical of the dumb blonde sterio type, and she is arrogent, constantly interrupts her guests. And on top of all of these bad qualities, she is constantly absent from work (usually on vacation) – which is good because that’s the only time I enjoy watching Fox & Friends. I don’t understand why Fox doesn’t fire her simply because of her excessive absenteeism. I certainly cast my ballot for Fox the fire Gretchen ASAP.

    • Agreed, 100%. It was an absolute pleasure watching F&F without her. I pray they wise up soon and replace her.

  31. Why doesn’t Fox News see the plain fact that Gretchen Carlson is a real negative factor to their morning news program. She is an air head who continuously interrupts her guests and is always talking about herself, her children, family, vacation, etc. And her laughter sounds like an acking machine gun firing, which drive me up the wall. I watch the Fox & Friends morning program when she is absent, which is most of time. They need to give her a permanent vacation. Also, she is certainly not worth what they are paying her ($800,000/year or $1,070 per hour for 15 hours per week). Dump Carlson….

  32. I think all the negative comments posted against Gretchen are from jealous democrats or ugly dumb females.

    • Not really, Roberta. I am a registered Independent and all male, believe me (although it may be debatable as to my looks and education). 🙂

      I have watched Fox and Friends forever and it is a much, much better show without Carlson. This week for example. There was balanced commentary between the three hosts. The body language and interaction were dramatically better. No long winded speeches, no loud and annoying laughter, no hogging the camera and speaking over others and no indifferent staring off to the side when the other hosts are speaking. All of these things sadly typify Carlson’s style. It is nothing personal. It is simply about her style. In a word, it is overbearing. So I, like many others, pray that she is replaced as soon as possible. I am a big Fox fan but I find myself changing the channel more and more now whenever she is on. It has nothing to do with jealousy at all I can assure you. There is little to be jealous of.

      • It is no wonder our education is in a flux of confusion and the “bad” guys want to wake everyone up to a education of reality where someone needs to be attended to. If we are Christian nation-where is the real charity? Money is your god now and always has been!

  33. her eyes are so close together i believe she is one chromosome away from being in the special olympics

  34. Looking forward to Gretchen leaving. The show is so much better with anybody else.

  35. I agree that Gretchen Carlson is overbearing. She’s obnoxious and she purports to be a conservative woman with taste. Her dresses are too short, too tight and too low-cut. Trashy is her style, and Fox News should aspire to better standards like their viewers. I had hopes she’d conduct herself with some decorum on her new show, but she is the same old Gretchen. She wore a blue dress one day last week with such a low-cut top that you would think she was a stripper at a nightclub. Hope she bombs, but probably the little heads are making up her audience.

    • Did you have to mention her name? Fox and Friends has been 1000% better since she left. There is a three-way conversation on a comfortable level again. The three hosts seem to really like and care about each other and rarely talk over each other. There are no longer any long-winded monologues. I do not wish Carlson any ill will but as you said, I just don’t think she is up to Fox’s standards in many ways. She would probably fit right in over at MSNBC along with the likes of Martin Bashir and Ed Show 🙂

  36. Carlson seems to have some disdain for her co-host Doocy, she never acknowledges anything he says she never looks his way whencommentingwhile she absolutely GUSHES over some inane comment Kilmeade may make. The fact that she makes it so obvious , reveals her childish un professionalism. Thank you Mr. Ailes fo removing an ugly blight from an otherwise pleasing and well crafted 3 hours of TV presentation.. …I can now resume watching Fox & Friends…..Steve Doocy has shown enormous class by being gracious w it h the pee eye gee.

  37. Where do you write to voice your opinions about personalities on Fox News? Now she’s on my afternoon viewing time. gawk!

  38. oh cranky. I miss you. I love that people are still commenting on your posts. See you in the afterlife. ❤

    • I miss Cranky.

    • Just visited his site again. Left a note waaaaay down below the crap some asswipes left. Damn, I wish WordPress would let SOMEONE clean the spam etc off his site.

  39. Well, “Gretchy Wretchy” has finally been canned! I hope you “Gretchy” haters are satisfied!

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