Posted by: cranky | March 17, 2008

Stereotypical Liberal Condescending How I Met Your Mother on CBS

Flipped on the TV as I was making dinner to be greeted with How I Met Your Mother and its American Pie star panicking over a ghost in her new apartment. Worse yet it was a Confederate general ghost.  Therefore it was a racist ghost.  And he was wearing a sheet so he must be a racist KKK Confederate general ghost.

Fuck you CBS and Hollywood.  I was born and grew up in the liberal bastions of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, respectively.  I now live in Alabama.  There was much more racism, overt and covert, in Pennsylvania than I have ever seen in Alabama.  Yet the media and television networks routinely paint the South as a bastion of racism.  Some might call that stereotyping.  I call it being a tithing member of the First Church of Orthodox Liberalism.

CBS you suck and you suck at sucking you dick smokers.

I’d like to know how integrated the trendy neighborhoods are where the writers of these shows live.  Probably not too much since there is probably a lower percentage of gay blacks than there are gay whites who write for TV shows.

Oh, did I just stereotype TV writers as gay?  Well, if the Manolo fits, go ahead and wear it Cinderella.



  1. Cultural bias and prejudice are alive and well in Hollywood. Always have been, always will be. Flyover country, you know. Nothing to see there.

    And “Big Bang Theory” is back!

  2. Hahaha. Enjoyed this rant, cranky. Everything you said is so true.
    And it’s Tuesday. Just sayin’.

  3. I need to stop watching TV except for Westerns and NASCAR and football. I don’t have blood pressure problems now and I don’t want it in the future so TV may have to go.

  4. yeah its so wrong to assume that a man fighting for the belief “African slavery was gods will” is racist.

  5. How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 12
    No Tomorrow
    What is right is the Southroner is the last real minority, look up the definition of a minority ( we meet each requirement right down to distinct language, religion; yet they are afraid to even allow us to submit the application. That being aside the cable shows insist on only allowing stereotype shows and characters Gator Boys, Swamp People many times functioning illiterate; good people here but something for outsiders to laugh at. The rest of the country gets the sexy, society shows. Like here on “How I Met Your Mother” they discuss a Southern Ghost; they are the bad guys the racist, we can’t allow our baby to grow up around a Southron , racist ghost.

    Year before last Jon Stewart while making fun of our honoring our war dead offered to make an action figure, a Confederate POW, the doll would be in rags. You can’t make fun of gays, minorities, Californians, New Yorkers, no one but us. Gary.

  6. This was a stupid post. Is it so wrong to assume that a Confederate General was racist (because Confederates supported slavery, which was the main reason they were Confederates in the first place)? No it isn’t wrong at all. And the KKK part is so obviously just thrown in there as a joke, if you can’t comprehend that, you need to not turn the TV on ever again. Fact of the matter is calling the South “racist” is a stereotype, not an attack from Liberals. I’ve heard just as many Conservatives verbally attack the south. And the fact that you just stereotyped a group of people (TV Writers) based on one show, you have defeated your own argument as you have shown no problem with stereotyping someone/something YOU don’t like. But when someone stereotypes something you like, it’s racist and should be taken off television. Sure.

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