Posted by: cranky | March 13, 2008

Rosetta is a Gender?

Over at Innocent Bystanders they’re asking lurkers to characterize themselves as either male, female or Rosetta.

The advances in biological science are amazing, guess I missed that one.



  1. Heh, I saw that this morning. Does IB really get 4,500 visits a day? Wow. Hey, wanna blogroll exchange?

  2. Done. Added to the blogroll. Thought I had you on my old crappy site. Now you’re linked on my new crappy site.

    But not Rosetta. That bastard can rot in hell. A couple of 60-something, fat hookers showed up at my door. Gift card from Rosetta said enjoy. I hurled.


  4. I am not welcome at IB.

  5. Barry, you’re kidding, right? Kevlarchick was the one at IB who let me know your blog had been renamed.

    I sometimes let my inner moron loose on some IB thread.

  6. I made comments the blog owner didn’t like, he unloaded on me, and I never went back.

    Actually your blogroll links me as ‘One Horse’, because it used to be called ‘OneHorsePhoto’. The blog name is now ‘Out West’.

  7. I’ll fix the name. Sorry to hear about the disagreement.

  8. rosetta is already has a name, it’s called hermaphrodite.


    *grabs 5 gallon can of gas, box of matches, Metal Storm, aluminum baseball bat, medieval mace, box of TNT, C-4, necessary charges, slingshot, case of vodka, i-Pod, 7 feral pigs and a shovel. Goes to IB.*

  10. What kind of iPod? And what has taken you so long? Hope nobody gets hurt too bad.

  11. What do you mean what kindof i-Pod? Apple. Black. 160GB. It’s name is Black Betty.

    I was traveling and it took me a day to catch up on the bullshit.

    Are you done with my fucking apple pie yet?

  12. Just raising some crabs to go with the apples. Be awhile.

  13. FINE! As soon as I find another old-guy blog where the guy makes apple pie, I’m dumping your ass.

  14. That sounds awful ghey, sweetie.

  15. I’m making a couple of corned beefs today along with some cabbage, colcannon potatoes and beer bread.

    Might I also have a Guiness? Yes I might.

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