Posted by: cranky | March 8, 2008

Lemmings for Obama — Creepy Obama Religiosity

The Hollywood brain dead, known and unknown, offer up their O-faces for Obama.

Brings back memories of Jim Jones and his special KoolAid.

The antidote was found via a comment at Rachel Lucas that points to American Digest who hat tips JunkYard Blog.



  1. […] Adam Smith wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThe Hollywood brain dead,known and unknown,  offer up their O-faces for Obama. […]

  2. We’ll root out the mystics…wherever they are found..

  3. Where my apple pie at, bitch?

  4. HEY! That apple pie ain’t gonna make itself!

  5. I got your pie right here *grabs crotch*, biaotch! Important stuff going on here, Dale Jr. has a shot in this race. Pies gonna have to wait.

    His car started off good and now Carl Edwards is out and Dale is in 4th coming out of the latest caution. Forty laps to go.

  6. What? Unacceptable!

    *withholds man love from cranky*

  7. I’m gonna cry now.

    Earnhardt finished third. Kyle Bush won, youngest driver ever to win at Atlanta and the first foreign car (Toyota) to win since 1954. Guess it was kind of exciting. I didn’t see that much of it actually.

    Tony Stewart (Home Depot car, # 20) slammed Goodyear big time for bad tires. I guess everyone has to wear the same shoes and they were sliding all over the track. He was pissed. Great stuff.

    Might be some apple pie made tomorrow. Hard to say. My BIL will be in town for a few days so we’re going to try to get out to dinner but he’s not sure of his schedule yet so my pie baking may have to wait.

    But I’ll take pictures so you can see what you’re missing. Hahahahahahaha!

  8. dUDE MAKE a chocolate chip pecan pie. For those of us who can’t.

  9. Never made one of those but it sure sounds good.

    Barry, you had this clip first. Didn’t see it at your place until after I had posted it here — so it was old by the time I posted it.

    Not Malcolm Jamal Warner. I’m shocked, shocked I say.

  11. ^#10, aren’t you also Rod Munch? I’m not the only sock puppeter around here. What is with those Hollywood types always voting for the white guy?

  12. hahaha, yeah I accidentally did an extra comment as him too. ooops

  13. It’s an outstanding clip and not too far from the truth. Obamamaniacs would follow Obama anywhere- they’re just not sure why, or what they should do when they get there.

    Cult Of Personality, celebrity worship, Oprahfication- it’s gettign worse all the time.

  14. Cranky- just replace half the pecans with chocolate chips. You won’t regret it.

    If Heaven has pie- and why wouldn’t they?- it’s choc chip pecan.

  15. Barry, chocolate chip pie is better than apple pie. Just the kind of thing you’d want to eat on Big Ear Tuesday. Why yes, yes it is. This is Big Ear Tuesday.

  16. If you don’t post something new, I’m going to send a bunch of fat ugly hookers to your house.

  17. rosetta, I think I read somewhere that cranky was with his BIG EAR TUESDAY brother-in-law.
    Better not send those fat ugly hookers.

  18. NEW!! POSTED!1!!1

    So there Rosetta! Slim, attractive hookers would be almost welcome if they’re clean and tested but I’m not sure what I should charge them for my services.

    [I know and I figure I could have easily repeated something about what a sleazeball Eliot Spitzer is but I got nothing. Plus my BIL is in town so we’ve been talking and going out to dinner and stuff.]

  19. […] Read the rest of this great post here […]

  20. If you don’t post something new, I’m going to send a bunch of fat ugly hookers to your house.

    rosetta means that he’ll send them over as soon as he’s done with them.

  21. You mean I”m gonna get sloppy sixty-fourths? Uhm, let me rethink this not posting new stuff thing.

  22. Are you getting picky cranky?

    tsk tsk

  23. There are limits PJ, beyond which I will not go. Even with Rosetta’s junk.

  24. Thank God cranky, you had me worried for a sec.

  25. My junk is reserved only for super-sexy hot chicks!

  26. Super-sexy hot chicks like this one?

  27. I’m gonna have to wear some holes in these freaking sock puppets.

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